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Early Spring Gardening

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Only 2 days of Winter left. What are Keith & Elisabeth’s recommendations for early Spring gardening?

Clean up tools with Lanox & oil handles

Add compost. If you don’t have your own, try Clyde's Compost

Weed, feed and mulch

Prune your perennials & ornamental grasses

Use a soil thermometer to check for optimum planting time 

Divide and replant perennials

Treat fruit trees as required eg. Leaf curl on peaches/nectarines with Kocide and Shot leaf on apricots with a lime sulphur product

Trim back citrus trees without cutting off flowers

Use the moon calendar to time the cutting back of your hedges

Don’t remove spent leaves of bulbs. These are important for next year’s flowers

Check the soil temperatures for optimum planting times

Look to buy and planting bare-rooted trees. Prepare your soil with  Rooster Booster, Charlie Carp, Power Feed. Avoid granular fertilisers! Neutrog Gyganics is a good choice for citrus.

Fertilise Kikuyu, Couch or Buffalo lawn with Rooster Booster, aerate with broad fork (we recommend F.D Ryan's), leave for 2 weeks, then mow on lowest setting

Treat for pests such as Citrus Leaf Miner, Citrus Scale, earwigs, white flies, aphids, Red Spider Mite with ECO Neem and treat Black Spot on roses with Lime Sulphur 

Plant strawberry runners.

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