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53: Childfree by Choice

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Having a kid is a massive decision. But does it need to be? We bring on Chelsea Fagan of The Financial Diet to break down the realities of being child-free by choice. Let's discuss this and more in this week's episode of Money Feels!

We're your hosts, Alyssa and Bridget. Welcome to the podcast, where we talk through our money trauma and create a better understanding of building a healthy relationship with finance.

In today's episode, we discuss the following?

  • Chelsea's story and how she chose to be childfree
  • The reality of being a primary caregiver
  • Parenting as a single person
  • The idea of 'fulfilment' and having kids
  • What dominates your identity?
  • The downsides of being childfree: friendships and the rich aunty trope
  • You can still be involved with children without having them
  • Infertility and the for-profit industry rallying for biological kids
  • The idea of 'selfishness' in not having children


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