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#73 - Personal Data with Numot the Nummy

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This week I had a great pleasure to have a very special guest: Numot the Nummy. A streamer extraordinaire, with Pro Tour credentials and most importantly, a limited specialist. We looked at Numot's ONE data - a format he didn't like and performed somewhat under par for his standard (still an insane win rate of over 60%, but some people have higher standards than that). Which cards did he overdraft, which cards did he value too low, which cards proved successful in his builds? All of that available in the seminar.

We also learned that Numot is a true "drafting the hard way" drafter - unlike my many previous guests, and applies that approach to a great success, so if you think you, like me, use preferences in draft a little bit too much, it is worth looking at this episode and following Numot to see how he does it. You can find him at or follow him on Twitter: And if you still don't, I highly recommend it. He was an awesome, well informed and generous guest, and his streams are among the best in business.

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