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#69 - Archetypist, ONE Edition

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Time to look at the draft deck composition data and look at the secret successful sub builds in ONE. In this episode I look at the ONE decks in each color pair and cluster them based on how similar they are. After doing that, I calculate the win rate of each deck and its closest relatives. Based on that I can find clusters of successful sub-builds in each color pair. Using the archetypist tool I developed with Pekka Pulli, you can explore that data set on your own. Some sub builds are logical and intuitive: there is a WB toxic deck, RG oil deck. But some will raise a few eyebrows, because not many know RW Toxic is a thing - but it does exist, is successful, even if you will only have it open in your pod every 50 drafts or so. Enjoy the seminar, but if you want to explore the tool, visit

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