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Welcome to Love Your Bod Pod, a podcast all about intuitive eating, female empowerment, body acceptance, and saying goodbye to diet culture. Cara Carin Cifelli is your host, she is a certified holistic health coach, breathwork facilitator, author, speaker, and food lover! Find her @caraskitchen on Instagram or Disclaimer* This podcast is for educational and informational purposes only and does not substitute individual medical or mental health advice.

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    #125 How to Stop Eating Your Feelings & Instead Feel Your Feelings with Goodwin Hope


    Today, we interview Goodwin Hope, a health coach, and breathwork facilitator. If you are someone who feels like you constantly eat your feelings this one is for you! We talk about emotions, feelings, somatic work, confidence, and healing through the body. Find Goodwin: insta: @goodwinhope_ Find Cara: @caraskitchen  Website Join the Breath Channel
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    #124 The 6 Types of Restriction that Lead to Binge Eating


    Restriction leads to binge eating. But I often hear people say "I'm not dieting, I no longer restrict but I am still binge eating!" If you've ever said that or felt like that, then it's likely that you are still struggling with one or more of the 6 types but you might be unaware of it. Check out this podcast if you're struggling with binge eating and would like to heal.  Find Cara Website Instagram TikTok
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    #123 Periods, Cravings, Hormones, Birth Control & DIET CULTURE with Maddie Miles


    Today we have an interview with Maddie Miles. We talk all things hormones, periods, cravings, birth control, seed cycling, cycle syncing, and shitty advice from diet culture that messes us up! Plus why we think we need men's birth control instead of placing all the responsibility on women.  Find Maddie: @themaddiemiles Find Cara @caraskitchen
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    #122 Restriction for Medical/Health Issues and Binge Eating with Kirsten Ackerman, The Intuitive RD


    In today's episode, we talk extensively about restriction and binge eating specifically as it relates to medical and health issues, including PCOS, Diabetes, IBS, Weight Loss Surgery, and more. This is in response to my viral TikTok video about the 4 types of restrictions that lead to binge eating. If you have health issues or medical reasons to restrict food but find yourself binge eating this episode is for you.  Kirsten Ackerman MS, RD, CDN The Intuitive RD Instagram: @theintuitive_rd  Podcast: Intuitive Bites Podcast Find Cara Instagram: @Caraskitchen Join Food Body Soul
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    #121 Life is Hard. Which Version of Hard Will You Choose?


    Hard things are inescapable. But some hard things lead to suffering, depression, anxiety, and a life you don't love. Other hard things lead to liberation, expansion, evolution, and a life you love. So which version of hard will you choose? In this episode, we explore choosing the hard thing that leads to freedom and a breakthrough on the other side.  Find Cara Website Instagram Apply for 1:1 Coaching Apply for the Embodied Rebel Acamdey
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    #120 Healing Through Inner Child Work, Breathwork and Somatic Work with Stevie Wright


    This episode is all about unbecoming who we thought we had to be to succeed and be loved and becoming exactly who we are!    Today, we have an episode with Self Love Coach and creator of The Breath Channel, Stevie Wright. And it is full of vulnerability, authenticity, and a little sparkle! Stevie is so shiny and bright and someone I truly love and respect. In addition to talking about Stevie and her journey, I share some of the deep work I have been doing with Stevie as my coach. Topics we cover: - How Stevie was traumatized from being on American Idol - Feeling like you need to perform or achieve to be loveable and how to heal that wound - How our stories, limiting beliefs, and perspectives get formed in childhood and impact our present and future life - What is inner child work and why it's so helpful and healing - What is breathwork and why is it such a powerful tool for getting into the body and healing at a nervous system and cellular level And so much more!  Find Stevie The Breath Channel Find Cara Food Body Soul
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    #119 Breathwork for Letting Go


    This episode is a short breathwork session to help you with letting go of anything you have been hanging on to. As you may have seen over this past year, I have been working on my breathwork facilitator training certification so I can offer this powerful healing modality within my coaching practice. I hope this short practice is helpful for you! Do not listen or practice to this while driving! Find Cara Apply for 1:1 Coaching Join Food Body Soul - The Membership
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    #118 Why We Need Weight-Inclusive Health Care and Is Food Medicine? with Dr. Joshua Wolrich


    TRIGGER WARNING: Sensitive eating disorder behaviors are discussed in this episode. In today's episode, I interview NHS doctor Joshua Wolrich and it is a fire-filled episode. Come listen with curiosity and open mind! Topics we cover: - Joshua's story of first being a weight-loss journey account on IG to fighting weight-stigma - The role food and nutrition play in health - Why he doesn't think food medicine and why that notion is harmful  - The role weight plays in health and why he no longer advises weight loss to patients - His thoughts on Keto, Carnivore, Intermittent Fasting, and more - Why weight stigma is such a problem and needs to end in healthcare - Gut health and how to take care of it - How to talk to your doctor if they are stigmatizing you for your weight  And more! Find Josh on IG his book: Food Isn't Medicine Find Cara on IG Food Body Soul 1:1 Coaching
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    #117 Hovering Above Rock Bottom, The Emotional Work, and Knowing When it's Time to Change with Whitney Catalano


    In this episode, I interview Whitney Catalano, An Anti-Diet Dietician turned Success and Alignment Strategist.  Topics We Cover: How her disordered eating & desire to be thin influenced her to study Dietetics in college HAES, Diet Culture & Fat Activism  The emotional work involved in food freedom and body image healing Hovering above rock bottom, why it's so hard to change  How to know when it's time to pivot and change in any area of life The connection between empaths, highly sensitive people + food & body issues Boundaries and so much more! Find Whitney Instagram Find Cara Food Body Soul Apply for Complimentary Discovery Call to learn about 1:1 Coaching Instagram
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    #116 The 5 Steps to Food Freedom


    In this episode, I share the road map to Food Freedom.  Food Body Soul - The Membership Apply for 1:1 Coaching  Instagram

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