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Lights Camera Expert: Unleash Your Expertise

Paula Rizzo and Terri Trespicio

There isn’t a person with a book, a business, or a brand who doesn’t want a bigger audience for their work. With more media platforms available to all of us than ever before, there have never been more ways to get yourself, and your message, out there. But how do you do it? And who will care? The challenge isn’t whether or not you “deserve” media attention, but whether you can deliver a message that matters to the people who most need to hear it. Lights Camera Expert: Unleash Your Expertise is a show for professionals, experts, and entrepreneurs who want to learn how to get and keep attention from media, viewers, online users, and audiences. Every week, we’ll share insights and talk to industry insiders about how to position yourself for media, elevate your profile, and turn your ideas into media opportunities. Discover how to unleash your expertise onto the world, build brand awareness, and make a powerful impression to get the kind of attention you want most.

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