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Stories, poetry, histories and memories are all shared in our fortnightly podcast created by Lewisham libraries staff. We started collecting material at the beginning of Covid-19 lockdown in April 2020 and shared them with customers and residents through Facebook as the weekly series “Lewisham Voices”. We are now publishing them more widely through this podcast. There are memories from residents of growing up in Lewisham during the 1950s, and local author Caleb Azumah Nelson reflects on a more recent childhood. Poets recite their poetry, and authors read whole stories or share special chapters from their novels. Historians remember famous residents such as Olaudah Equiano and Robert Browning, and a theatre company reveals how they involve the community in their productions. Each fortnight the podcast will have a different theme or format – but the link is always “words”. Keep in touch. Instagram:, Facebook: YouTube: www: Music: Forget your feet - Tayler Watts. Artwork: Emily Fellah

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