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308: Curate, Create, Commission with Veronica Diaz

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Dr. Veronica Diaz is director of professional learning at EDUCAUSE, an international nonprofit professional association whose mission is to advance higher education through the use of information technology. In her role, she ensures that learning and development programs support and advance the overall strategic priorities of the professional learning, member communities, and research teams. She also supports the development and design of career pathways that guide the professionals supporting and transforming higher education through the innovative use of technology.

In this episode of the Leading Learning Podcast, co-host Jeff Cobb talks with return guest Veronica about microcredentials, mentoring, professional pathways, personalization, the need to reevaluate COVID pivots, and a “three Cs” approach to sourcing your portfolio of offerings: curate, create, and commission.

Full show notes and a transcript are available at https://www.leadinglearning.com/episode308.

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