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Find camaraderie and understanding as Knit Picks employees confess to their own knitting triumphs and complete blunders. Does any of this sound familiar? If so, tune in weekly for the further adventures of the gang at Knit Picks and any other knitters we can round up.

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    Episode 347 - Learning & Teaching Yarn Crafts


    Today on the Knit Picks Podcast we're talking all about our knitting pasts and futures. From learning to knit to taking that knowledge and teaching someone to knit, the Knit Picks Podcast team offers up their experience. First up Lee and Stacey invite friends, co-workers and fellow crafters, Heather and Kate to come on the podcast for a discussion of their knitting and crochet origins. Each starts their craft somewhere but what everyone has in common is that someone else helped them get started. Next Lee and Stacey share tips and tricks for people who want to teach knitting to their friends and family. While Lee has experience teaching knitting classes, Stacey has experience helping people in one-on-one learning sessions. Stacey also shares the old knitting rhyme: “In through the window, run around back, out through the window, off jumps Jack!”   Mentioned in This Episode: WeCrochet Podcast Episode 40 – Crochet Jobs Part 3 – Teaching Crochet To Make Money And Get Confident With Arica Presinal & Pia Thadani  Aloft  Learn to Knit Kits  New Learn to Knit Kits - Learn to Cable Coho Cowl  Learn to Cable Bowline Hat  Knit Picks Learning Center  Straight Needles  Brava  Wool of the Andes  Swish  Craftster Preciosa  Wonderfluff  Needle 101  Yarn 101  Stitch N Bitch The Knitters Handbook by Debbie Stoller  Stitch N Bitch Nation  Dishie  Knitting Rules The Yarn Harlot Unravels the Mysteries of Swatcing Stashing Ribbing & Rolling to Free Your Inner Knitter by Stephanie Pearl-McPhee  Knitting Needles    Timestamps:0:03 Welcome to the Knit Picks Podcast 0:44 Stacey's yarn crafting origin story 2:12 Lee's yarn crafting origin story 3:58 Heather's yarn crafting origin story 7:04 Kate's yarn crafting origin story 14:25 New Knit Picks Learn to Knit Kits! 15:34 Teaching someone to knit tips and tricks 40:33 The Credits
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    Episode 346 - An Ode to Chunky Yarns & Spinning with Michael Smith


    While the word "chunky" in relation to yarn is not an official yarn weight class, it is common to refer to thicker yarns, Aran, Bulky, Super Bulky and Jumbo as "Chunky". Today on the Knit Picks Podcast the team talks about chunky yarns and what to do with them! First up Lee and Stacey check in on their WIPs and discuss projects to knit with Bulky and Super Bulky yarns. Later Lee sits down with Michael Smith aka @piece4peacecrafting to learn more about his knitting and his spinning journey.  Lee and Stacey talk about the benefits of working with chunky yarns. Projects knit up faster with chunky yarns but also create a thicker fabric. If you’re new to bulky and super bulky yarns, try them out. See what happens.  Dance teacher by day and lover of crafts by night, Michael Smith, only recently got into spinning yarn after a friend arranged to buy him a spinning wheel for his birthday. Since then he's been hooked on its meditative movement and even spins every morning with his tea or coffee.  Mentioned in this Episode: Etsy shop with Lee's darning loom  Yarn Weights explained  Lee's WotA-held-double cardigan  Mini Kitty Pouf Windfall Collection   Fable Fur Tuff Granny Throw Arya by Kristina Morrissey Professor Meow Pullover by Claire Slade Wonderfluff Michael Smith on Instagram  Piece4PeaceCrafting Podcast  Wool of the Andes Roving Beginner Drop Spindle Set (on sale this week) Drop Spindle Foldable Spinning Wheel Timestamps:0:00 Lee and Stacey check in 17:24 Summer Sale 18:13 Michael Smith Interview 43:34 Credits See more at 
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    Episode 345 - Our UFOs and Summertime Knits with Designer Felecia O'Connell


    UFOs have been in the news recently. How many UFOs have you encountered? In knitting, UFO stands for "UnFinished Object!" In honor World UFO Day and in celebration of summer, today we are talking about our knitting-related UFOs and summertime knitting. First, on behalf of World UFO Day (celebrated around the end of June), Lee and Stacey talk about their definitions of UFOs vs. WIPs. Lee and Stacey also confess to the projects they haven't picked up in a long time. Is it time to frog or pick it back up? Next, Stacey interviews knit designer Felecia O'Connell about her knitting origins, her designs for Knit Picks (mostly warm-weather knits), and where she draws her design inspiration from. Felecia's specialty is creating designs that are simple, beautiful and fun to knit. Mentioned in this Episode: Knit Picks Summer Sale World UFO Day KnitKnit Book  Ujein V-Neck Vest  Moab Vest Preciosa In-Progress Incenter Mittens  The Sweater Book Straight and Arrow Cardigan Windward UFO Day blog post Pretty Polly Top Pattern Shine Simply Cotton WeCrochet Summer Sale Cloverleaf Top Easy Layering Tank Lindy Chain Yarn Cotlin Yarn Felecia O'Connell on Instagram Alpaca Cloud Lace Felecia O'Connell Ravelry KPP 341 - Get Published with Tian Timestamps: 0:00 Lee and Stacey catch up 18:30 Summer Sale 19:21 Stacey talks to Felecia 38:17 Credits
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    Episode 344 - Forage for Natural Dyes with Anna Canning


    As the days get longer, knitters often head outside with their crafting. On this episode of the Knit Picks Podcast, we are talking about natural yarn dyeing with bare yarns. First up Lee and Stacey catch up on what they did for World Wide Knit In Public Day and some recently finished projects. They talk about their love of Knit Picks Bare Yarns, undyed yarns. Knit Picks carries all the same yarns you have grown to love and some additional ones in the Bare yarn line. Stacey is a big fan of the Knit Picks Bare Woodland Tweed and the Bare Woolen Cotton.  Next Lee interviews Anna Canning who is a hobby natural yarn dyer. Anna has spent a lot of her personal time researching different natural dyeing techniques. She has experimented with items found at the grocery store as well as items she finds on walks around her neighborhood. Listen in to hear about her insider tricks to get started today dyeing your own Bare Yarns from items around the house.  Mentioned in This Episode: World Wide Knit in Public Day Video Lee's Hawthorne socks in progress Hawthorne Yarn Bare Andean Highland Wool Bare Woodland Tweed Bare Woolen Cotton Bare Cotlin Dye Yarn with Indigo! Episode 321 Dye It Yourself A Botanical Yarn Dyeing Journey Dye Bare Yarn With Kool-Aid Indigo Dye Kit Bare Twill Bare Andes Del Campo Anna Canning Dyeing with Mushrooms The Rainbow Beneath My Feet Wild Colour The Fair World Project Podcast Timestamps:0:00  Lee and Stacey check in 13:11  Lee interviews Anna 30:16  We're having a summer sale 31:02  Lee continues to interview Anna 46:48  The Credits
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    Episode 343 - High Desert Yarn with Jeanne Carver


    Wool is a favorite yarn fiber by many knitters (including Stacey and Lee). In today’s episode of the Knit Picks Podcast Knit Picks and WeCrochet’s Chief Marketing Officer Ursula Morgan interviews Jeanne Carver of the Shaniko Wool Company about the creation of Knit Picks newest yarn line, High Desert, a 100% American grown and spun Merino and Merino/Rambouillet wool. First up Lee and Stacey chat about why they both love knitting with animal fibers, and why wool is their favorite. In the United States "wool" refers to the sheep fibers while in other parts of the world wool could include other animal fibers like mohair or cashmere. Stacey and Lee ruminate about why wool is their favorite fiber which includes but are not limited to how wool retains the dye color, the moisture absorbency, and general feel. Next, Ursula and Jeanne talk about some of the history of sheep ranching in Oregon and how the unique climate of the Oregon high desert results in such a special wool. The Knit Picks High Desert yarn line was launched earlier this year but is over a year in the making. High Desert comes in an earthy jewel-toned spectrum of 12 beautiful colors inspired by the landscape and skyline of Oregon's high desert. A smooth, rounded yarn with a soft hand, available in sport and worsted weights, High Desert is ideal for knitting texture, cables, and colorwork. Mentioned In This EpisodeHigh Desert Yarn Twill Yarn Wool of the Andes Yarn Hawthorne Yarn Swish Yarn Introducing High Desert Yarns The High Desert Yarns - The Journey High Desert - An American Wool Story Shaniko Wool Company Responsible Wool Standard Responsible Wool Standard via the Textile Exchange Imperial Stock Ranch Shaniko Wool Company on Facebook Shaniko Wool Company on Instagram   Timestamps: 0:00 Lee and Stacey chat about their love of wool 10:48 Ursula interviews Jeanne 42:34 The credits
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    Episode 342 - Sock It To Me!


    Socks are one of those milestone knitting projects that once successfully completed, help you feel prepared to take on more difficult projects. Knitters who haven't taken the leap can be intimidated by words like "gusset" and "kitchener stitch" but on today's podcast Lee and Stacey hope to help make socks less scary for sock newbies by diving deep into everything sock-knitting.   First up, Lee and Stacey check in about what's on their needles. Lee picked up a project that she started in 2019 while Stacey shares a sad knitting story with a happy ending. (Yes frogging can be happy!) Then Lee and Stacey disagree on how to knit socks: toe-up or top-down?  Next, new Knit Picks team members, Michelle and Cathy talk to Lee and Stacey about their knitting background and even answer our lightning round knitting questions. (*Use the This or That graphic below and answer some of our knitting questions yourself in your Instagram Stories!)  Later Lee and Stacey pick up where they left off with their socks fight, only to agree that personal preference is key. Both discuss knitting two socks at at a time is a favorite. They cover everything about how to knit socks, demystify sock construction, share some favorite sock yarns, and answer YOUR questions about sock knitting.  Mentioned in This Episode: Atrium Cardigan by Melissa Wehrle Andean Treasure  Barnstaple vest High Desert Gannet Hoodie pattern Felici Beyond The Wall colorway Meet Cathy Episode 332 - Your Favorite Sock Yarns Explained  Learn to Knit socks  Knitting in the Round with Magic Loop (Video Tutorial) Learn to Knit - The Sock Kit Rockin' Socks: Colorful Patterns Socks for Everybody: For the Beginner Sock Knitter Socktacular: Mix Match Sock for Fancy Feet Splendid Soles: Colorfully Coordinated Sock Patterns Hawthorne Stroll Static Aloft Bare Eco Superwash Alpaca Swish Two at once toe up magic loop pattern Simply Socks: A Collection of Wardrobe Basics Artful Arches: 12 Colorwork and Textured Sock Patterns Knitting in the Round on Circular Needles (Video Tutorial) Knitting in the Round with Two Circular Needles (Video Tutorial) Knitting in the Round with DPNs (Video Tutorial) Timestamps: 0:00 Welcome to the Knit Picks Podcast 0:30 What is Lee working on right now? 3:30 Stacey's sad story 8:16 Let's talk about socks 11:42 Meet Michelle and Cathy 19:42 Lightning Round Knitting Questions 27:28 Producer Sarah has FOMO and Heather has the fix 28:25 More socks talk 58:57 Credits 
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    Episode 341 - Get Published With Tian!


    In this episode of the Knit Picks Podcast Lee and Stacey check in on their latest projects and Sara interviews Tian Connaughton about her latest course, Get Published. First Lee and Stacey discuss returning to old projects and finding new inspiration from past work. It's never too late to pick up a half-finished afghan and begin moving forward once more.  Sara Dudek interviews Tian Connaughton, an expert knit and crochet designer, technical editor, author, and course creator. Since leaving the corporate world behind, she's built a business around creativity, craft, and helping women build their own businesses that are profitable and sustainable.  By asserting a goal-oriented attitude, Tian discusses the best ways to keep motivated after rejection and how to avoid taking disappointments personally. She details tricks to get work noticed and steps necessary to take a project from the initial idea to fully published and ready to share. Tian has developed a brand new video course, Get Published, to help aspiring knit and crochet pattern designers navigate the world of submitting, designing, editing, publishing, and so much more. While the series was developed for all who are interested in publishing pattern designs, the initiative was created specifically to empower BIPOC (Black, Indigenous, People of Color) designers to pursue publishing. With a focus of "community over competition," Tian aims to open the door and empower those at any stage of their business.  And as always happy knitting.  Mentioned in This Episode: High Desert   Barn Staple Vest  Form and Function  Hue Shift  Freeport Cardigan  Tian Connaughton   Chevron Pop Shawl  Get Published with Tian Connaughton  WeCrochet Magazine Issue 5 Get Published Course on Thinkific Tian on Instagram @knitdesignsbyTian Timestamps: 0:00 Lee and Stacey check in 9:17 Sara interviews Tian 44:52 Credits
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    Episode 340 - Building A Sweater


    An all too familiar knitting crossroad - does one I knit a sweater or not. While sweaters can seem intimidating if you've never done one before  chances are, once you've made one, it's likely you'll make another. On today's episode of the Knit Picks Podcast, Lee and Stacey do a deep dive into sweater construction. Whether you're new to sweaters or have been making them for years, you'll likely enjoy this "nerdy" sweater conversation.  First they catch up by discussing what's on their needles. Both Lee and Stacey are making patterns for our latest Knit Picks Collections. Lee even shares her latest yarn substitution and talks about color selection. From pullover and cardigans, to seamed vs seamless, Stacey and Lee review the various styles and constructions of sweaters. Stacey asks the question - what does the word "sweater" mean to you? Is a cardigan a sweater? Together, the two ponder fashion philosophy and ask you to weigh in.    In the second half, the two ruminate different sweater collars, sleeves, and shapes. Cowl neck vs. turtle necks, boat vs crew, and more, they define some terms to help clarify what you might see in a pattern. Stacey loves a good scoop neck where Lee prefers to adapt necklines for varying situations. Happy Knitting! Pullover Sweater: Mentioned in This Episode:Gannet Hoodie by Kristen TenDyke Chalet Collection Vertex Collection N for November Sweater by Fabienne Gassmann Comfy Hawthorne Aloft Twill Stacey's Sweater Blog Mister Postman by Kristen Jancuk  Harley Pullover by Jenny Williams Lansbury Cardigan by Holli Yeoh Rustic Tweed  Oshinkoshin Pullover  Teasel Shrug by Sarah Shepherd Cloud Sweater by Sarah Shepherd Windfall Timestamps:0:00 Welcome to the Knit Picks Podcast 0:24 "What's on your needles?" 6:52 Let's talk about sweater construction 7:56 "What does the word "sweater" mean to you?" 11:36 Favorite type of construction - seamed vs seamless, top down vs bottom up? 13:21 Raglan defined 16:31 Other shaping - set in sleeves 19:47 Heather and Producer Sarah talk about what's new at Knit Picks  21:53 Lee and Stacey are back with more sweater talk 22:15 Shapes of sweaters 24:08 What's your favorite for pull over sweaters 26:57 Sweater shaping 28:59 Saddle shoulder 32:43 Drop shoulder 35:56 Dolman sleeves 44:39 Credits
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    Episode 339 - Yarn Substitutions


    Whether you're a process knitter or a project knitter, if you're like us you've experienced the challenge of finding a pattern you're really excited about but not having the exact yarn that the designer suggests. You could wing it and embraces the beautiful chaos that might occur or you can use one of our favorite resources, YarnSub dot com. If you don't already know, YarnSub is a website to help you with yarn substitutions. Everyone needs a friend in crafts and we at the Knit Picks Podcast are happy to be your yarn and knitting buddy, and as a friend, we're telling you to check out YarnSub. Today on the podcast Heather Mann interview Wendy Peterson, creator of They chat all about how to use YarnSub as well as what you need to know when shopping for yarn. Wendy thinks it's important to know about the yarn density (the length and weight), the gauge, and the fiber (both the construction and the fiber qualities) as well as considering what the pattern wants. Come learn more about yarn with me. And as always, happy knitting. Mentioned in This  Journey's End Blanket  Simply Alpaca Aran  Felici  Simply Wool Worsted  Wool of the Andes  Wonderfluff  Snuggle Puff  Wendy on Instagram  Timestamps:0:00 Introduction 0:57 Heather and Wendy talk 22:05 Credits
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    Episode 338 - Emani and Her Yarn Vending Machine


    Here are Knit Picks we love all things yarn. We love pattern designs, tools, the craft and really seeing what everyone makes. As a yarn company we also love seeing what other yarn companies and people in the industry are doing. Today we're sharing an interview from the WeCrochet Podcast that aired last fall, where Heather Mann interviews Emani Outterbridge, an entrepreneur who launched her own yarn line as well as the world’s first yarn vending machines. Emani has been crocheting since she was 12 years old and has navigated through different sides of the craft industry as a crochet designer and now a yarntrepreneur. Emani has even sold apparel to entertainers like Cardi B. Emani’s yarn line, Needles, offers unique colors in 8 Ply Worsted Weight 100% Acrylic yarn as well as cotton t-shirt yarn. You won’t be able to find these color combinations anywhere else. If you’re in Philadelphia, you can get this unique yarn at one of her bright pink yarn vending machines. Outside of Philly, you can connect with her on Instagram where she says she “always on”. So settle in and come meet Emani if you don't know her already. And as always, happy knitting. Mentioned in this Episode: WeCrochet Podcast Episode 25 - Pom Pom Poms and Pink Machines Emani on Instagram @Emani.milan Shop Emani’s Designs and Yarn at Yarn Vending Machine #1 location - Elements of Grooming - Barber Shop in Philadelphia - Elements of Grooming - Barber Shop in Philadelphia Timestamps: 0:03 Introduction 1:04 Heather Mann Interviews Emani Outterbridge 16:19. Credits

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