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    JONES DAY TALKS®: Crypto and DeFi Regulation: It’s About to Get Serious


    Cryptocurrencies and decentralized finance remain under scrutiny from federal agencies and commissions. The acting Comptroller of the Currency has publicly stated that cryptocurrencies and decentralized finance may be evolving into serious threats to the financial system, much like the way certain financial derivatives prompted serious concerns and a near collapse back in 2008. Clearly, serious regulations are under consideration. Jones Day's Josh Sterling and Dorothy Giobbe discuss what industry stakeholders need to know. Read the full transcript on the Jones Day website.
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    JONES DAY TALKS®: The eBay Cyberstalking Case: Mitigating the Compliance Risks of Employee Misconduct


    In mid-2019, a group of corporate employees based in Silicon Valley launched a months-long campaign of online harassment, threats of violence and physical surveillance targeting a middle-aged couple in Massachusetts who ran an online newsletter covering eCommerce. The employees worked for eBay, one of the largest, oldest Silicon Valley companies. The bizarre episode led to a high-profile federal prosecution of seven people in Boston federal court and a major civil suit against current and former eBay executives. Both matters are ongoing. Jones Day's Andrew Lelling and Amy Harman Burkart, brought the federal criminal case against the rogue eBay employees, when Lelling was the United States Attorney for the District of Massachusetts and Burkart the Chief of the Cybercrime Unit in that office. In this podcast, these veteran enforcement lawyers explain what companies must do to mitigate the corporate risks posed by employee misconduct, with a focus on management expectations, the importance of internal reporting and communications across teams, and the role executives must play in encouraging compliance through ethical behavior. Read the full transcript on the Jones Day website.
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    JONES DAY TALKS®: Consumer Protection Enforcement Changes Likely After SCOTUS AMG Decision


    In AMG Capital Management v. FTC, the U.S. Supreme Court ruled the Federal Trade Commission Act does not allow the FTC to seek, from violators of the Act, "equitable monetary relief" in the form of restitution or disgorgement. Jones Day partner David Morrell talks about how the Court's decision could alter the FTC's consumer-protection enforcement actions moving forward, the Justice Department's newly prominent role in these matters, and what potentially affected parties should know. Read the full transcript on the Jones Day website.
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    JONES DAY TALKS®: A False Sense of Security: Cyber Disclosure Obligations for Public Contractors


    Cybersecurity threats remain a constant concern for every business and organization, regardless of size, location, or industry. The stakes relating to possible litigation, financial repercussions, and reputational risk, are high. In this second episode of "A False Sense of Security", Jones Day Talks' series of programs focusing on legal issues that arise in connection with cybersecurity requirements and representations, Jeff Rabkin, Jamila Hall, and Grayson Yeargin discuss the special considerations confronting public sector contractors relative to cyber threats and data breaches. They talk about what can trigger a mandatory disclosure under a public sector contract, consequences and practical considerations regarding disclosures, and False Claims Act decisions concerning cybersecurity issues. The conversation concludes with a look at President Biden's May 2021 Executive Order on Improving the Nation's Cybersecurity. Read the full transcript on the Jones Day website.
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    Crypto and DeFi Platforms: Aggressive SEC Enforcement on the Way?


    SEC Chairman Gary Gensler has left little doubt that his commission will closely monitor activity in the cryptoasset markets and the actions of decentralized finance, or DeFi platforms, as investor interest continues to grow. In prepared remarks delivered at an early August event, the chairman said, "We just don’t have enough investor protection in crypto … we have taken and will continue to take our authorities as far as they go." Jones Day's Josh Sterling, Brian Rabbitt, and Mark Rasmussen talk about what the heightened scrutiny means for crypto market participants, and discuss what additional regulatory and enforcement actions could be coming.
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    JONES DAY TALKS®: Supreme Court Rules on Constitutionality of Administrative Patent Judges


    The United States Supreme Court has delivered its decision in U.S. v. Arthrex, which determined whether appointments of administrative patent judges to the U.S. Patent and Trademark Office’s Patent Trial and Appeal Board (PTAB) were constitutional. Jones Day's Matt Johnson and John Evans talk about the background of the Arthrex case, how the decision could affect the way the PTAB operates, and the implications for parties with matters pending. Read the full transcript on the Jones Day website.
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    JONES DAY TALKS®: Alston, the NCAA, and the Future of College Sports


    The U.S. Supreme Court has ruled 9-0 in National Collegiate Athletic Association v. Alston that the NCAA violated antitrust law by prohibiting member colleges from providing athletes with certain educational benefits. Specifically, the case dealt with the NCAA's restrictions on providing athletes with non-cash, academic-related compensation, such as computers and internships. Jones Day's Chris Pace and Marc Weinroth discuss the Alston decision and its possible long-term implications for college sports. Read the full transcript on the Jones Day website.
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    JONES DAY TALKS®: 75 Years of the Lanham Act and Changes in U.S. Trademark Law


    Signed into law in July of 1946, the Lanham Act has, for 75 years, governed U.S. trademark, servicemark, and unfair competition matters. In this edition of the Jones Day Talks Women in IP series, Meredith Wilkes, Anna Raimer, and Carrie Kiedrowski discuss how trademark laws have changed and evolved since the Lanham Act's implementation, and talk about recent cases relating to trademark dilution, internet domain names, and willful infringement. They also examine the significant changes that are part of the Trademark Modernization Act of 2020. Read the full transcript on the Jones Day website.
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    JONES DAY TALKS®: Carbon Markets are Booming, and Regulators are Watching


    Efforts by government agencies, companies, and investors to limit the effects of climate change continue to influence activity in the financial markets. Interest in carbon markets, where emission credits are purchased and sold─and also where derivatives on those credits are traded─is growing rapidly, and that trend is expected to continue. Some estimates predict the cost of carbon could eventually double, due to the increased focus on climate issues and the tightening of greenhouse gas standards by global regulators. The increase in trading volume has attracted the attention of regulators and enforcement agencies. Jones Day partner Josh Sterling explains how the carbon markets work, details the risks participants face, and describes what companies using these markets should do now. Read the full transcript on the Jones Day website.
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    JONES DAY TALKS®: Private Antitrust Litigation in Spain


    Jones Day’s series on private enforcement actions relating to antitrust matters in Europe turns to significant developments in Spain. Raimundo Ortega and Antonio Canales explain why antitrust actions in Spain have increased, discuss how damages are disputed and quantified, and review the key takeaways from the high-profile Truck Cartel and Paper Envelope Cartel matters. Read the full transcript on the Jones Day website.

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