Jen is Zen-ish podkast

Jen is Zen-ish


Over the past few years I’ve been through some trials and triumphs…
Ok..let’s be honest ~ my life literally was ripped out from under me… but with it came a very unique and highly unexpected spiritual path. It was hard at first but by opening my energy systems and allowing the guidance in, I’ve found a new way of approaching my life altogether.
I’ve learned to use intuition and inspiration to come out of my darkest moments and I’m guided to discuss my stories, intuitive downloads and whatever else my guides want me to share.

I’m giving a glimpse into the world of self healing from the first person perspective as I navigate thru it. There’s happy episodes and sad episodes, hurt and love, dark and light.
I coach around the law of attraction, living as energy first and just working thru our day to day. I use insights from master spiritual teachers, as well as my own spirit guides, to inspire us to reach for our highest timelines. As a soul on a human journey, I choose clear explanations, relatable concepts and lots of humor and laughter to share these stories with you.
I think we all wish to understand more about ourselves, about life as humans, or sometimes we just want to hear someone’s else experience for entertainment sake…wherever you are on your path…or whatever brought you to this podcast…I hope you feel welcome here!
If you have specific topics you would like to hear about~head over to my Youtube and contact me via email with your thoughts. I love collaborating with inspiring thoughts, out of the box ideas and honestly would just love to hear from you!
My hope is together we can grow and Change how we operate as humans for the best and highest good of all.

**Disclaimer: I record these as my thoughts, whenever and wherever they may come to me. I talk to you via this podcast as I would my closest friends, so you’re gonna hear me use adult language, it will resonate with those it’s meant to. I do not have a fancy booth, nor do I necessarily want one, this is my real life and real life has interruptions and background noise. If this bothers anyone, I am not podcast for you*

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