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Episode 28 - Help Wanted (Part III: Security Breach - An Audio Book Experience / Tales From The PizzaPlex)

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As Gregory skulks and sneaks his way through the lobby of the Mega Pizzaplex, one question keeps perplexing him. How did Fazbear Entertainment become so wildly lucrative? Turning the clock back a few years, we can find the answer through Steve Snodgrass. A middle-aged man with a good heart but a failed career as a game designer. He is approached by Brock Edwards of Fazbear Entertainment to create a set of horror games based on the "urban legends" and "libelous claims" of the franchise's past. While Steve initially rejects the offer, Fazbear Entertainment soon alters the deal in a way that Steve has no other alternative but to accept.   Would you join us Into the Night?   Support the Show On Our Patreon! Official Business Email: [email protected] Official Question Email: [email protected] Official Twitter (@FazbearPodcast): Official YouTube: Official Merch Store:   Cast: Narrator: Nick Black Hand Unit: ThatOneBoyo777 Steve Snodgrass: CouchGangStudios Brock Edwards/DJ Dan: Nick Black Victoria: DollVA Avery & Abigail: Alexa Joy Bell Mr. Hurlbutt: My Father   Music: Onion: Lukrembo Merry Bay: Epidemic Vibes   Thumbnail: Art: They_inc Edited by: Nick Black   Written and Produced by Nick Black   All other Sound Effects, Music, and Original Performances were from: Five Nights at Freddy's - Scott Cawthon/Leon Riskin Security Breach - Steelwool Studios - - - Pixabay

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