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62. Season 2 Recap: Best Takeaways on Financial Wellbeing, Investing & Career

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Welcome to the final episode of Season 2 of the In Her Wallet Podcast! In this episode, we celebrate 47 episodes released in 2023 and reflect on the valuable lessons learnt along the way. Join Sofiia and 25 guests as we share the best takeaways on topics like your relationship with money, managing finances as a couple, taking care of aging parents, maximizing workplace benefits, negotiating, starting a business, where to start in your financial journey, how to choose companies to invest in, and more!

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This episode is a heartfelt thank you to our listeners and guests for their continued support. Tune in for valuable insights and wisdom gained from 47 consecutive weeks of sharing stories, experiences and advice with our amazing community!

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Key takeaways:
00:00 What to expect from Season 2 Finale
03:33 Financial wellbeing series
04:00 Your relationship with money (EP52 Leisse Wilcox)
06:40 Money and mental health (EP47 Janine Rogan)
09:16 How to gain control of your life (EP51 Arunie Saldhi)
11:55 How to value your time (EP54 Lindsay Sparrow)
14:42 Money in relationships (EP42 Stephanie Wolfe)
18:00 Talking to aging parents about money (EP33 Leanne Kaufman)
20:40 Birth control and our finances (EP30 Dallas Barnes)
22:56 Career and business series
23:58 Understanding workplace benefits (EP20 Katrina Sinclair)
25:46 How to prepare for negotiations (EP60 Olessia Lapina)
27:30 How to negotiate post pandemic (EP22 The Thoughtful Co)
30:30 What to do when losing employment (EP26 Erin Brandt)
32:29 How to prepare financially to leave a job (EP34 Liza Akhvledziani)
35:43 Employee vs entrepreneur mindset (EP24 Lorin Winata)
38:05 One page business plan (EP44 Staci Millard)
40:00 Understanding government grants (EP17 Brianna Blaney)
42:27 Self-employed vs incorporated (EP43 Jami Monte)
46:17 Advice to new entrepreneurs (EP29 Olivia Lovenmark)
48:42 How to be productive as a solo founder (EP16 Kristine Locker)
51:13 Personal finance and investing series
52:10 How to fight math anxiety (EP45 Ms. Money & Math)
54:17 Where to start in your financial journey (EP56 Scheherazade Hasan)
56:38 How to choose companies to invest in (EP39 Lyndell Grey)
57:47 Be careful with taking advice from banks (EP28 Simran Kang)
01:00:00 Real estate investing formula for success (EP46 Victoria Cluney)
01:06:00 What is insurance (EP19 Cove Advisors)
01:07:00 One day goals system (EP48 Ashley Meadahl)
01:10:00 Message from Sofiia & Season 3 announcement

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