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Unscripted With Paul Sereno

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Our guest at this time is one of the most important people in the world of paleontology, known for discovering and naming many dinosaur species across the world including Mongolia, Argentina, Morocco and his favourite, Niger. We talked about ambitious project Museum on the River in Niger, what fascinates him aboiut this land, his opinions on mass extinction theory and more. Enjoy! Our guest is often described as Indiana Jones of paleontology, one of the most prominent individuals to examine our prehistoric world, paleontologist, archeologist, and explorer - Paul Sereno. Paul discovered new dinosaur species on various continents and led numerous expeditions on sites in Inner Mongolia, Argentina, Morocco, and Niger... Paleontologist Paul Sereno talks about his surprising encounters with prehistory, his journey with 100 tons of recovered fossil specimens, and a few theories to consider. Paul shares defining moments of his career, he exclusively shares theories yet to be revealed about Spinosaurus and its water connection. He shares an incredible story about nomad people who centuries ago lived in the center of the Sahara Desert. He explains his plan to build the first zero-energy museum of paleontology in Niger and tell the history of the African continent in the time of dinosaurs. Many questions are left to be answered including theory of mass-extinction, swimming dinosaurs, and more!

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