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Unscripted With Marv Wolfman

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We had the honor of talking to the living legend of the comic book industry, writing credits pioneer, Inkpot award winner, and Will Eisner Hall of Famer - Marv Wolfman. Wandering Wolfman is famous for his work on Teen Titans, Superman, Nova, and iconic storylines like Crisis on Infinite Earths and The Tomb of Dracula. Wolfman explains his philosophy behind creating characters that are heroes and villains that will last. We talk about his admiration for Stan Lee and how Stan influenced him both as a fan and a writer and shared the office with him. Marv talks about his thoughts on the continuity in comic books today, and the writing process back in his days. We discuss the best incarnations of Superman and the reception for Blade. We asked how Mr. Wolfman felt seeing screen adaptations of his characters and does he read their new stories. Marv talks about the infamous decision to kill Barry Allen's Flash and how George Perez joined Crisis on Infinite Earths, imoact of Star Wars, and many more things.

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