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Unscripted With Jason Spisak

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Silco, Oswald Cobblepot, Ollivander, Wally West, Forager... our guest at this time, Jason Spisak, voiced all of them and countless more. During our interesting talk, we discussed the art of voice acting and how much of the acting is in the voice acting, how Jason prepares and finds voices for his characters, the "physical" part of voice acting, and how he enters and (if he ever) leaves his roles. We had the chance to hear re-enactments of the best lines from Silco, multiple Harry Potter characters, Young Justice, and even sounds of orcs from the Shadow of Mordor video games and his attempt to voiceover Montenegrin accent. Jason went deep into the psychology of the characters like Forager, how listening to the documentary about cicadas gave him inspiration about it, and how he understands Silco, his relationship with Jinx, the conflict between Piltover and Zaun, as he exclusively confirmed he is coming back as Silco in Season 2 of Arcane!

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