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Unscripted With Dustin Growick

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We are talking dinosaurs again! Dustin Growick a.k.a. The Dinosaur Whisperer, with a master's degree in anthropology, Dustin chose to become the dinosaur expert. As a science communicator, he is one of the originals at "Museum Hack" on what would be truly a renegade experience. We kick off the talk with Neil deGrasse Tyson's wine shots story at science parties and go all the way to the theory of "love lakes" and dinosaur sex... we were curious... Dustin shares with us fun facts about our favorite dinosaurs, what is the most important part of his storytelling craft as the museum tour guide, his experience on fieldwork, and his relationship with paleontologists. We debate the "Origin of Species" and its position today, Prehistoric Planet, Jurassic Park, and other adaptations. Dustin is the legit dinosaur expert!

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