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Constantine The Great: Saint or Sinner?

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"In this sign, thou shalt conquer" or will you? The story of Constantine the Great comes with a vision, and Milvian Bridge brought him glory and immortality. Of many Roman Emperors throughout history, few impacted our present-day world like Constantine the Great. In a decaying Roman Empire was the rising population of Christians a grasp of hope or a political tool? With more facts uncovered daily, people became more uncertain if the Edict of Milan was an act of divine intervention or political marriage between religion and power. How did the devoted pagan become the first Roman emperor to embrace Christianity, where does Constantine's triumphal arch lay in this puzzle and what answers does it provide? How much Constantine changed the original Christian religion, did he think of him as the Flavian, 13th Apostle, or maybe even better Jesus, why did he commission 50 copies of the Bible, what happened after his death, and many more controversies and theories, as we try to dissect if Constantine The Great and answer if he was saint or sinner.

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