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Dan Stoner and Mike Musto have been in this business for quite some time. Stoner comes from the world of big advertising and publishing before coming to Hemmings, while Musto made a name for himself as an automotive journalist and show creator. What do they have in common? Well, everything and nothing. They’ve got different tastes in cars and are both jealous of each other’s grooming habits, YET, they both love everything automotive culture has to offer. Thus, an idea was hatched, and The Hemmings Hot Rod BBQ was born!

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    Best Collector Cars From the Last 50 Years for Under $15k


    Finding the right collectable car on a budget is no easy task, especially in a market where everything seems overpriced by 30%. If, however, you look closely, AND think outside the box, you’ll find that there are still some hidden gems out there that you can walk away with for not a lot of money. On this episode of the Hemmings Hot Rod BBQ Podcast, Hemmings own Mike Musto and Rob Einaudi, sit down with Driving Sports TV host Ryan Douthit (and a budget of $15k), and each pull their top five entry level vehicles from the past five decades, 1960 to 2010.  
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    Vice President of the Classic Car Club Museum, Carrol Jensen on the Hemmings Hot Rod BBQ Podcast


    Classic Car Club of America was created back in 1952, and focuses on automobiles crafted from between 1915-1948 that were coach built with superior craftsmanship and engineering. It was formed primarily to separate itself from the Antique Automobile Club of America by focusing on what they’ve trademarked as, Full Classics. As the Vice President of the Classic Car Club of America, Carrol Jensen joins us on this week’s episode of the Hemmings Hot Rod BBQ Podcast to talk not only about CCCA, but also the famed Gilmore Auto Museum in Hickory Corners, Michigan where steps have been taken to ensure that some of the greatest automobiles in the world are not only looked after and maintained, but driven on a regular basis as well.  
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    Hot Rod Historian and Roadkill Host, David Freiburger on the Hemmings Hot Rod BBQ Podcast!


    For more than 30-years, David Freiburger has been carpet bombing our brains with his musings of hot rod culture. From the pages of some of the greatest print titles like Hot Rod, Car Craft and Rod & Custom magazines, to shows like Roadkill, Engine Masters and Hooptie World Championship on Motor Trend, Frieburger has seemingly done it all. Hell, he’s even got his own Hot Wheels car in the form of his 1968 General Mayhem Dodge Charger. Cars and hot rod culture aside, David also has some of the most amazing stories about his home city of Los Angeles which you can regularly find on his social media outlets. With that said, please welcome David to this week’s episode of the Hemmings Hot Rod BBQ Podcast where we cover all of the above and more!
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    Driving Sports TV's Ryan Douthit


    For over a decade, host, publisher and content producer Ryan Douthit has been bringing audiences top rate automotive content through just about every platform known to man. From Subarus to the new Ford Bronco, Douthit’s no-nonsense, and more importantly honest reviews have been educating and entertaining the car buying public for years. His YouTube channel Driving Sports TV has over 200,000 subscribers and is quickly becoming one of the foremost locations to gain information on today’s latest SUVs, cars, and crossovers, so much so that Douthit has gone so far as to build his own test track up in the back country of Washington state. On this week's episode of the Hemmings Hot Rod BBQ Podcast, we sit down with Ryan to discuss how automotive media has changed over the years and how he created one of the most successful consumer based review channels on YouTube.
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    Chris Kersting, the President and CEO of SEMA, on this weeks Hemmings Hot Rod BBQ!


    With SEMA week in full effect in Las Vegas, we thought it only fitting to bring on Chris Kersting, the President and CEO of SEMA. Chris has been in this seat since 2002, and during that time he’s been fighting for the rights of the automotive aftermarket and the enthusiast. From contending with Congress, the EPA, the department of transportation, and the OEMs, to how the SEMA show is a truly international automotive event that seeks to bring out the best in automotive innovation, Chris has his finger on the pulse of the four-wheeled world we all live in. This is an episode of the Hemmings Hot Rod BBQ that automotive enthusiasts everywhere won’t want to miss.
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    Craig Maiorana from Classic Industries talks restoration parts for your classic ride!


    What started 45 years ago as the go-to parts house for early model Chevrolet Camaro’s, has evolved into one the largest and most well stocked resources for the entire domestic collector vehicle marketplace. Classic Industries, located in Huntington Beach, California, predicted that many of the vehicles produced in the 1960s and 1970s were going to amass a large following. Now, more than four decades later, their catalogs cover items for Chevrolet, Buick, Oldsmobile, Pontiac, Chrysler, Plymouth, Dodge, Ford, Lincoln and Mercury. On this week’s Hemmings Hot Rod BBQ Podcast, Product Development Specialist Craig Maiorana, walks us through the process of how Classic Industries anticipates what future reproduction parts will be needed for enthusiasts. We also touch on the fun we had fixing up the interior on our Road to Improvement 1981 Chevrolet Suburban, as well as what vehicles we think will become collectable next!
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    Dispelling Air Flow Myths with Tim Torrecarion of Air Flow Research (AFR)


    Tim Torrecarion of Air Flow Research has been in the gearhead world for more than 20 years. He has worked for both automakers and aftermarket suppliers, playing roles from professional driver to marketing guru. His automotive experience is as broad as his enthusiasm for car culture. On this episode of the Hemmings Hot Rod BBQ Podcast, we talk to Tim about his path to Air Flow Research, what it was like back in the early 2000s during the import racing scene in Southern California, and then, of course, cylinder heads and the myths that surround them.
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    Clothing for Gearheads: Jonathan Whaley from Black Top Yacht Club


    Almost every type of activity has its own fashion. Golfers, for instance, have polo shirts, colorful pants, and studded shoes. Fly-fishing enthusiasts wear clothing that combines utility, UV protection, and water resistance. And don’t get us started on what cyclists wear. So what about the automotive world? We're not talking about the safety gear required for racing but rather apparel that’s designed with the hot-rodder in mind. On this week’s episode of the Hemmings Hot Rod BBQpodcast, we welcome Jonathan Whaley, founder of Blacktop Yacht Club, to find out what inspired him to create a clothing brand for the automotive enthusiast.
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    Aftermarket Air Conditioning and Sprint Cars with Rick Farr from Old Air Products


    Rick Farr has been in the automotive world for a long time. From initially dabbling in mechanics on a 1937 Ford pickup in high school that he and his dad purchased, to then racing sprint cars and building engines, his career truly runs wide and deep. After racing, Rick then got into automotive HVAC, which then ultimately led him to Old Air Products in Texas where he's been for eighteen years. On this episode of the Hemmings Hot Rod BBQ Rick walks us through his experiences in racing along with how the technology in aftermarket automotive air conditioning has progressed throughout the years.
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    Automotive Technology and EFI with Mark Campbell from the Edelbrock Group


    On this episode of the Hemmings Hot Rod BBQ Podcast we welcome Mark Campbell, Edelbrock's Vice President of Sales, to talk about how advancements in technology have revolutionized the automotive aftermarket. We then talk about BIG GREEN, the 1981 Chevrolet Suburban, which was used in Hemmings new road trip series, "Road To Improvement" and how the Edelbrock Pro-Flo 4 EFI system not only improved our old trucks drivability, but enhanced its overall performance and fuel economy. Lastly, we take a dive into aftermarket fuel injection and talk about the differences between TBI (throttle body injection) and sequential EFI systems.

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