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Ep. 827 – The Last Magdalene with Donna D. Conrad (@DonnaDConrad999)

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“For her to stand out that much, to be mentioned in mostly a patriarchal view of that time, she had to be exceptional. She had to be courageous and strong and intelligent and dynamic to make an impression on these people that have lasted for 2,000 years.” - Donna D. Conrad

Today’s featured award-winning author is a wife, journalist, activist, and teacher, Donna D. Conrad. Donna and I had a fun on a bun chat about her latest book, “The Last Magdalene: Book One of the Magdalene Chronicles”, her aim to give voice to marginalized and silenced women through her storytelling, and more!

Key Things You’ll Learn:

What inspired Donna to write about Mary Magdalene

What leadership quality can people today learn from Mary Magdalene

What Donna found during her research process that would surprise people about Mary Magdalene

Why it’s important to have a good marketing strategy as an author

Donna’s Site: https://donnaconrad.com/

Donna’s Books: https://www.amazon.com/stores/author/B00MAUDJDI/allbooks

The opening track is titled "Kareru R Daichi Q-MIX" by Rukunetsu AKA Project R (@Rukunetsu). Use the following link to hear the full track and support his craft. https://on.soundcloud.com/62w8X

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