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Ep. 826 – How to Go From Benchwarmer to Superstar with Heather Gidusko (@HeatherGidusko)

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"Every setback is just another setup for something bigger, something better." – Heather Gidusko

Today’s featured bestselling author is a mompreneur, wife, wellness superstar, motivational speaker, and a former NFL cheerleader for the Philadelphia Eagles, Heather Gidusko. Heather and I had a fun on a bun chat about her book, “Girl with a Game Plan: From Benchwarmer to Superstar in 8 Weeks”, the power of self-belief, and more!!!

Key Things You’ll Learn:

How Heather’s experience as an NFL cheerleader contributed to her personal growth and professional achievements

The relationship between motivation and action

Why you must be your own coach and enlist assistant coaches to achieve more success

What setback Heather had in business that set her up for more success

What lesson from her coaching clients enhanced her game as a coach

Heather’s Site: https://www.heathergidusko.com/

Heather’s Book: https://a.co/d/9JHq2wI

The opening track is titled "Kareru R Daichi Q-MIX" by Rukunetsu AKA Project R (@Rukunetsu). Use the following link to hear the full track and support his craft. https://on.soundcloud.com/62w8X

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