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Ep. 825 – One Woman's Story of Survival & Courageous Leadership in Syria with Dr. Amani Ballour (@AmaniBallour)

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"As human beings, it's our responsibility to help each other. It's not a choice, it's a responsibility.” – Dr. Amani Ballour

Today’s featured author is a mom, wife, pediatrician, and an internationally acclaimed humanitarian who advocates for women and children, Dr. Amani Ballour. Dr. Amani and I had a chat about her documentary turned book, “The Cave: A Secret Underground Hospital and One Woman's Story of Survival in Syria”, what it was like to be the only woman to run a wartime hospital, her resilience source, and more!

Key Things You’ll Learn:

What challenges Dr. Ballour faced as a woman in leadership during wartime

How Dr. Ballour found her footing after being forcibly displaced from Syria

The ongoing need for awareness and support for helping those in need

Dr. Amani’s Book: https://a.co/d/9nEEMzV

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