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Ep. 784 – How to Silence Your Inner Negativity with Jeff Butorac

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The controllables are a big thing that people stress over. Focus less on the things that you have zero control over.

Today’s featured author is a coach, entrepreneur, keynote speaker, and tennis lover, Jeff Butorac. Jeff and I had a fun on a bun chat about his podcast, “Inner Rival: Silencing the Negativity Within”, the importance of adapting coaching methods to individual needs, the importance of curiosity, and more!!

Key Things You’ll Learn:

What lessons learned from his time in the NCAA as a coach transferred to his current business as a speaker

How he overcame his challenges with perfectionism and anxiety

The biggest lesson learned from coaching others that made him a better mental game coach

Jeff’s Site: https://www.inner-rival.com/

Jeff’s Book: https://a.co/d/7SXaYny

The opening track is titled "Money Trees" by the magnanimous chill-hop master, Marcus D (@marcusd). Be sure to visit his site and support his craft. https://marcusd.net/

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