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Ep. 779 – Speaking to Influence with Dr. Laura Sicola (@LauraSicola)

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"Everything you want is on the other side of fear. So, whatever you're afraid to try, whatever you're afraid to fail at, or to embarrass yourself, or don't want to make a mistake, just do it." - Dr. Laura Sicola

Today’s featured bestselling bookcaster is a mom, wife, TEDx speaker, executive communication coach, trainer, and leadership and influence expert, Dr. Laura Sicola. Dr. Laura and I had a fun on a bun hat about her book, “Speaking to Influence: Mastering Your Leadership Voice”, her evolution from the structured world of academia to the dynamic realm of business, and more!!

Key Things You’ll Learn:

The value of mastering foreign languages

The critical role effective communication plays in leadership

Three major lessons learned from podcasting

How to be more effective and authentic when connecting with others through a screen

What was Dr. Laura’s biggest setback in business that became her biggest success

Dr. Laura’s Site: https://laurasicola.com/

Dr. Laura’s Book: https://a.co/d/1Ky8uP3

Dr. Laura’s Podcast, “Speaking to Influence”: https://podcasts.apple.com/us/podcast/speaking-to-influence/id1515649028

Dr. Laura’s TEDx Talk: https://youtu.be/02EJ1IdC6tE?si=Hfq9qhVs9cBkhU-Y

The opening track is titled "Money Trees" by the magnanimous chill-hop master, Marcus D (@marcusd). Be sure to visit his site and support his craft. https://marcusd.net/

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