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In this podcast we explore leadership, service, and the relentless pursuit of excellence. Glorious Professionals is hosted by former Green Beret Jason McCarthy and presented by GORUCK Media. Jason is joined by his wife Emily - a former CIA case officer, and Richard Rice - 30 year Veteran of Army Special Forces.

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    053 - GORUCK Cadre Dan Plants on 10 years of Challenges


    “The lessons you learn at GORUCK events, they’re applicable to everything in life.” Cadre Dan Plants returns to the podcast for episode 053 to talk with Jason about 10 years of building better Americans through GORUCK Events. Dan uses his experience as an Army Sergeant Major and multiple deployments as a Green Beret to teach servant leadership, teamwork and the mindset of pushing through adversity during his events. “I always, always, always put people first. Always.” Starting with his introductory speech from the first Heavy at Fort Bragg, Dan shares some of the why behind GORUCK events through his first events as a participant and Cadre, the first Ascent, GORUCK Selection, Normandy and numerous other Challenges. Dan shares some of his personal challenges leading events, funny stories and the reasons he keeps coming back (hint: it is about the people). He also shares some of his lessons from years of service from his mentors at the tip of the spear.  Whether you have done a Challenge or are thinking of signing up for your first event, this episode is motivation and reminder of the community and spirit of GORUCK over 10years -- how it has changed and grown -- and how investing in the long game and building bridges pays off.  Links: GORUCK Heavy 001 Video (the intro) - Fort Bragg 2014 “How Dan Changed GORUCK Forever” Battle of Shok Valley Glorious Professionals Episode 045 - Normandy Retrospective Learn more about GORUCK  Glorious Professionals podcast website  
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    052 - Sara Wilkinson and CHAD 1000x - Founder of the Step Up Project and Gold Star wife of Navy SEAL Chad Wilkinson


    “Everyone wants someone to care about them right? And that is what we are trying to do.” Sara Wilkinson is back with Jason and Emily for Episode 052 to focus on her work raising awareness of the struggles which lead to veteran suicide and the CHAD 1000x workout and events. In Episode 047, Sara told her and Chad’s story of love and life and the events leading up to his death by suicide on October 29, 2018 after 21 years of service as a Navy SEAL including numerous deployments and TBIs, blast wave injuries and PTSD. This conversation is about warning signs, reaching out, hard conversations and maybe the start of cultural change to lower the number of veteran suicides. Sara’s message is personal and her vulnerability has inspired many to reach out to her with their own stories of struggle since the first CHAD 1000x event in 2020 in Virginia Beach, and even more after recently appearing with Jason on Episode 296 of the Jocko Podcast. To say that she has saved lives with her message is an understatement. This year’s Veterans Day CHAD 1000x workout and events aim to build even more community around supporting active service and veterans who struggle -- normalizing the conversations and care for each other. The workout is deceptively simple, not technical, the hardest part is to just “take one more step.”    Links: Glorious Professionals Episode 047 with Sara Jocko Podcast Episode 296 with Sara and Jason Sara’s “Stand Down Warfighter” piece CHAD 1000x and 4-week Training Program Learn more about GORUCK  Glorious Professionals podcast website
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    051 - Malaika Underwood - USA National Team Baseball Player and Senior VP of Licensing at OneTeam Partners


    “Every time I thought this might be the end, it showed up again.” Malaika Underwood joins Jason and Emily for a very friendly Episode 051 to talk about her athletic career and the future she hopes to see in youth and professional sports. Born and raised in San Diego, playing freely with a gaggle of neighborhood kids, Malaika says baseball -- not softball -- found her and became a lifelong love. She dreamed of being a professional player, “the first,” as opportunities for girls and women in baseball were rare to nonexistent.  She wrote to coaches to find a potential spot on a High School team -- not for special treatment, just for fair chance. Malaika talks about her competitiveness and stubbornness, along with the support of her parents, helping to deal with the weight of constantly having to prove herself -- “to be perfect” -- as the only girl on the team. Although baseball was her passion, her athleticism in volleyball earned her a place as a recruited scholarship athlete at UNC Chapel Hill. She talks about the struggle and culture shock of that transition as well as the relief of not being “the only.” When she found the USA Baseball Team in 2006 -- having not played competitively for 7 years but staying involved in the game as coach and mentor -- the loneliness she had always felt on the diamond gave way to playing on a field of other women (an experience common to most of them). She is now the longest-tenured player on a USA Baseball National Team, male or female.  She has earned five Women’s Baseball World Cup medals, as well as two Women’s Baseball World Cup All-Tournament Team selections.  Malaika is also wife to Chris, mother to Birdie and Kit, author, and professional in the sports arena, spending her time and talents to support college athletes as the NCAA landscape changes. She speaks about the importance of free-play for kids, carving a path for girls and women into professional baseball, and the aspirational steps needed to get there. The conversation covers a lot of ground in sports from large personalities to the history of softball, and throughout there is a love of the game and appreciation for the power of team sport. Links: “Birdie Can Too!” by Malaika Underwood USA Baseball Discrepancy in NCAA Basketball Tournaments Coverage and in 2021 Tournaments Facilities “In Search of Greatness” Learn more about GORUCK  Glorious Professionals podcast website
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    050 - Jaala Shaw - Teacher, Trainer, and Humanitarian, English Language Fellow in Afghanistan


    “I want my Afghan friends to know you’re not forgotten and you never were.” Episode 050 is a conversation Jason and Emily had with Jaala Shaw about Afghanistan, recorded on Friday August 20th (important context given recent events). Jaala lived outside the green zone as a State Department Fellow and Specialist teaching at Kabul Education University and working with teachers and students in the public school system in Kabul from 2010-2012. Her role was to develop relationships with an understanding of history and culture and she has maintained strong ties to the region. Just one part of a long and storied resume from all over the world, Jaala shares her experiences living in Kabul and engaging in “public diplomacy” and cultural immersion. The stories she tells contrast starkly with the current chaotic situation as she relates from friends still there. She shares stories of engaging in typical Afghan life at the time, as well as of meeting her now-husband Larry just outside Camp Eggers where she went surreptitiously to “wear booty shorts and do CrossFit” for breaks -- although she says the journeys through the green zone made her feel the most unsafe while in Afghanistan. With a resident’s insight as well as a westerner’s perspective, she shares some Afghan and Taliban history and the sometimes dramatic shifts in culture and day-to-day reality of locals -- particularly women -- in the last few decades. Most importantly Jaala shares reasons for hope and vetted resources for information and to help (see links below).   Some updates: her friend with family she mentioned waiting at the airport finally, thankfully made it out of country safely. Two of her husband's former Afghan colleagues escaped with their families to the US. Unfortunately many of their other friends and their families are still in hiding or fleeing -- Taliban have visited many of their relatives trying to find them.  As of publish date, “none of the women have left their homes or returned to their jobs since the Taliban took over.”  Links: Jaala’s Original Post, Articles in NYT “At War” Blog, Personal Blog, and  "Changes in Kabul Classrooms" piece she mentioned Women for Afghan Women Modesto Junior College Afghan Advocacy Contacting your Representative (for American Citizens who'd like to advocate) Task Force Pineapple Learn more about GORUCK and Jaala’s post “Hope Remains”  Glorious Professionals podcast website
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    049 - Matthew “Griff” Griffin and Blayne Smith, Veterans on Afghanistan


    Episode 049 begins with a piece written by Matthew “Griff” Griffin through the voice of the Taliban watching the withdrawal of US forces in Afghanistan. This conversation was recorded August 19, 2021 -- important context given more recent events. Jason and Rich are joined by fellow veterans Griff and Blayne Smith to share their perspectives and recommendations for action for those who have served as well as civilians. It is a “license to feel” through surreal, confusing, frustrating events, as well as a call to take care of those that have borne the brunt of the wars of the last 20 years. Griff is a 2001 West Point Graduate; Army Ranger, Combat Veteran with the 75th Ranger Regiment (3x Afghanistan, 1x Iraq); and CEO of Combat Flip Flops, which he co-founded in Kabul, Afghanistan. Blayne, of Episode 006 of Glorious Professionals, is also a graduate of West Point; former Green Beret combat veteran of 3rd Special Forces Group in Afghanistan in 2009; former Executive Director of Team Red White & Blue; and co-Founder of Applied Leadership Partners. Links: Original Post on Combat Flip Flops Episode 006 - Blayne Smith “Pet” - A Perfect Circle Ben Bunn Instagram Post and Episode 021 VA Veterans Crisis Line,, Cohen Veterans Network, Vets4Warriors Learn more about GORUCK Glorious Professionals podcast website
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    048 - Aaron Hand - Ranger Battalion Sniper turned Green Beret, veteran of Operation Enduring Freedom and Task Force Dagger


    “As for me, after seeing what I’ve seen, I’m always gonna bet on freedom to win out in the end.” Episode 048 is the first in a series of episodes on Afghanistan. Former Green Beret and Ranger Battalion Sniper Aaron Hand joins Jason and Rich to talk about his late night FB post on his current feelings and outlook -- which Jason reads to start the podcast -- as well as his time in country, the current situation of withdrawal, historical parallels, the taste of freedom and reasons to have hope for the future.  Aaron grew up in Boston, enlisted in the Army infantry in 1992, and was eventually stationed in the 3/75 at Fort Benning as a sniper. He deployed to Somalia in 1993 and was part of the vehicle convoy there that became known as Blackhawk Down. He then went through Special Forces Qualification and was at Fort Campbell in “The Legion” of 5th SF Group on 9/11. He, with ODA 543, was one of the first soldiers on the ground in Afghanistan as part of Task Force Dagger and the larger Operation Enduring Freedom in late 2001.  Aaron provides historical context to the current situation in Afghanistan -- both from his time served there as well as the time before. Rich (also a member of The Legion) was in Afghanistan in the 1980’s, notably in “Charlie Wilson’s War” carrying stinger missiles to the mujahideen. Before that, Rich was also on a special forces team who evacuated people during the fall of Saigon in the mid 70s and talks through the comparisons to those events. Throughout, there is measured, important conversation for both the average American citizen trying to understand what is going on, as well as veterans who might have strong feelings about current events -- particularly in the lead up to the 20th anniversary of 9/11.   Links: Episode 038 - Rich on “Charlie Wilson’s War”  Rich Introduction and history in Vietnam - Episode 003 Learn more about GORUCK Glorious Professionals podcast website
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    047 - Sara Wilkinson - Gold Star wife of Navy SEAL Chad Wilkinson, inspiration for Chad1000x


    “I don’t think anyone can live this life and not be affected.” Sara Wilkinson, gold star wife of Navy SEAL Chad Wilkinson, joins Emily and Jason in Jacksonville for Episode 047 in hard, honest conversation about growing up in a military family, her and Chad’s love story, the life of deployments as a military spouse, being a mom to Kinsley and Hudson, and Chad’s death by suicide in 2018 and the birth of Chad 1000x. SCPO Chad Wilkinson was born into the Navy. Both his uncle and father were SEALs (before his dad became a Marine One helicopter pilot) and Sara says it was what Chad was born to do. As a fellow military kid he, with his two brothers and sister, grew up on bases and he ultimately graduated from Camp Lejeune HS. After a year at UCF, Chad enlisted in the Navy and successfully completed BUD/S. After three deployments with SEAL Team Eight, Chad left service for almost three years. He re-entered and (as Sara recounts) rejoined and was selected to join SEAL Team Six out of VA Beach. Among many deployments in Afghanistan, Iraq and various places in Africa, Chad served for 21 years and was the recipient of the Silver Star. Chad was on active duty in Virginia Beach when he died by suicide on October 29, 2018.  Sara met Chad on her first day of 9th grade on a base in Quantico, VA. It was the 14th of 15 K-12 schools she would attend as “a military kid born and bred,” daughter of a Marine. Chad’s signature “hey” started a surprise Homecoming invitation her sophomore year and a long, somewhat tumultuous courtship. Separations, breakups, and life changes punctuated their teenage and early adult years, culminating in a proposal and elopement right before Chad’s second deployment. Throughout, Sara says, “I wanted to be where he was.” Two great kids, a separation and reenlistment in the Navy, cross country moves, climbing mountains and finding community in CrossFit followed.  Sara talks about the unique personality required to survive and thrive to be married to the guys who do this work: fearlessness, independence, resilience. And the terrible toll that it can take on tier one operators as well as “their first responders.” She talks through the “what ifs” and all the looking back she has done to see if there were signs of Chad’s unseen injuries which ultimately led to his death. “There’s so many questions you’re never going to get answers to.”  Finally, as one who knows what it feels like to have her person gone, Sara talks about her call to suicide-prevention advocacy, community with other widows, and the search for the multiple answers for others as well as finding some healing for herself. She, with Jason and Emily, share the story of the birth of Chad 1000x and The StepUp Project and how the ripple effects of Chad’s life and death continue to move outward.  This is a long conversation so some timestamps to help navigate it: 0:00 - Introduction and excerpts from Sara’s speech at the National Navy SEAL Museum on Memorial Day 0:05 - Sara’s young life and meeting Chad 0:15 - College years and BUDs 0:25 - Proposal, elopement, and living in the “team house” in VA Beach, living as a military spouse 0:34 - Move to Raleigh and decision to “get back in,” move to CA… and back to VA Beach 0:44 - Finding CrossFit and life back in VA Beach with SEAL Team 6 deployments 0:50 - Early signs, symptoms, leading up to 2008 1:20 - Chad’s last days and death 1:35 - The aftermath, what has helped Sara 1:40 - The birth of Chad 1000x and going forward Links: Sara on Instagram National Navy SEAL Museum “Crossfit - Meet Sara” (2013) Video The First Chad1000x Video Episode 028 - Dave Castro and Morning ChalkUp Story Learn more about GORUCK and Chad 1000x Glorious Professionals podcast website
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    046 - Melissa Urban - Whole30 Co-Founder and CEO


    “The more I use my voice, the more powerful I feel.” For Episode 046 Jason and Emily have a deep and far-ranging conversation with Melissa Urban: Whole30 Co-Founder and CEO, recovered addict, New York Times best-selling author, mother, podcast host, nature churchgoer, and rucker. From a “good kid” in New Hampshire through trauma, addiction, recovery and now an entrepreneur with a large platform and living a life of a “healthy person with healthy habits,” Melissa has eschewed perfectionism in pursuit of finding the light. And yet still has a “go hard” streak. Melissa talks about growing up in a huge, tight-knit Catholic-Portuguese family where “if you didn’t talk about it, it didn’t happen.” With hard vulnerability she shares about her sexual assault at 16 and how not talking about it not only didn’t make it go away but led to her drug addiction. She now, after years of self-work and recovery, accepts that trauma will never be “done.”  An introvert who “liked books more than people” growing up, Melissa has dedicated her life to habit research and the reset offered by the Whole30 program she developed. She shares some of the lessons she has learned as a somewhat-reluctant business owner and dedicated community builder who tries to make Whole30 accessible to as many as who want to do it. She talks about what it is like to be the face of a brand, the challenges of building community particularly in online spaces, and how she and Whole30 have made decisions about the brand. A former crossfitter and student at Gym Jones who is an avid hiker (her church) with her dog Henry, through Michael Easter’s The Comfort Crisis she found rucking and talks about what being that kind of “badass” has brought to her life.  Through years of therapy and learning to set boundaries, her recovery and decision to change everything in her life, overall Melissa shares how she found grace and empathy for her younger self -- and the strength in softness. Links: Melissa Urban Melissa on Instagram Episode 041 - Michael Easter - The Comfort Crisis Episode 023 - Jimi Letchford Learn more about GORUCK and Chad 1000x Glorious Professionals podcast website
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    045 - Normandy Retrospective with Sergeant Major Plants aka Cadre Dan


    “It’s the ultimate symbol that freedom and liberty will always prevail. Always.” For episode 045, Jason, Emily, and Rich talked with Sergeant Major Dan Plants about D-Day and the GORUCK events he has led in Normandy to remember and honor the sacrifices of those who fought there. A history lesson combined with the personal remembrances of those who have rucked those storied beaches with some of the veterans who know it best, this is an episode about the spirit of the American soldier and “the men who persevered in the face of their own death.”  Informed by books about WWII and D-Day, as well as his own years of service including in the storied 82nd Airborne, Cadre Dan has taught many a GRT about the tactics of taking an entrenched position. The Atlantic Wall was the ultimate entrenched position: 2,000 miles of coastline from the south of France to Norway, heavily armored by the Nazi war machine over 2 years. What the allies lacked in fortifications, they made up for in ingenuity and were backed by dominant air and sea forces. Cadre Dan speaks about the 3 difference makers for the allies -- particularly the Americans -- on an individual level: empowerment, shared knowledge and training with a purpose.  “Humbled and grateful to have had the opportunity to serve with such outstanding Americans,” Dan sees in his role as a leader of the next generation of soldiers the requirement to teach the lessons of D-Day. Those lessons are well learned rucking the beaches and highground at Normandy, standing on a piece of the “Atlantic Wall,” crying amongst the thousands of graves in the cemeteries and listening to the few remaining veteran soldiers who were there on D-Day share their firsthand accounts. Links:   Cadre Dan D-Day by Stephen Ambrose Dawn of D-Day by David Hawarth The Longest Day by Cornelius Ryan Higgins Boats Learn more about GORUCK  Glorious Professionals podcast website  
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    044 - PFC Jim “Pee Wee” Martin - World War II Paratrooper, 101st Airborne Division, G Company


    Jim “Pee Wee” Martin in Ohio, one of the “Toccoa Originals” and few surviving paratroopers of WWII sat down with Jason and Rich, along with a handful of GORUCK Cadre, for Episode 044 in Ohio. On June 6, 2014, the 70th anniversary of D-Day, Martin became the last WWII era American paratrooper to jump over Normandy at the age of 93, landing behind Utah Beach just as he had 70 years earlier. A frank storyteller with strong opinions, Mr. Martin sprinkles his recollections with the greater history as well as personal anecdotes, and reminds that he is “just a representative of his unit.”  A child of the Depression, Martin entered the military in 1942 and volunteered for the 101st Airborne Division -- what became the Screaming Eagles. He and the original “Toccoa Men” went through intense training at Camp Toccoa, Georgia, where the 506th was formed under Colonel Robert F. Sink. Martin talks about his decision to serve and the culling process at Currahee mountain -- from 6500 to 1650 men over the first 6months -- with blunt honesty. Despite being the smallest in his unit at 103 pounds (hence “Pee Wee” as a nickname) he says the only worry was if he was going to be able to stay. The night before D-Day, June 6, 1944, Martin’s company parachuted over Normandy and touched down in enemy-controlled territory behind Utah Beach. They fought for 43 days as part of the Normandy campaign -- including in “Bloody Gulch” -- before moving on to invade Holland; holding the line in Belgium during the Battle of the Bulge; and finishing off by taking Berchtesgaden, site of Hitler’s “Eagle’s Nest” redoubt in the German Alps. Martin celebrated his 100th birthday this year with a mass parachute drop -- including two of his granddaughters -- using vintage aircraft in a tribute to his place in history and his community. He talks about returning to Ohio in a time of continued rationing, marrying Donna (his wife of 72years before she passed two years ago) and building a life for them and their 5 children. He says that while he rarely thinks about his service “except during talks like this” because he and his fellows “had more important things to do” he shares many memories from his unique perspective.  Links: Jim Martin’s Facebook Page Battle of Bloody Gulch “Jim "Pee Wee" Martin - Airborne Soldier” video by U.S. Army Broadcasting (2014) Mark Bando’s 101st Airborne - the Screaming Eagles at Normandy Maj. Gen. James McConville and French Legion honors Learn more about GORUCK  Glorious Professionals podcast website

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