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Breakup & Divorce Recovery Coaching for Women

Do you want to know how to get over your ex-boyfriend or ex-husband? Do you want to heal and recover from your breakup or your divorce? Are you ready to get over your breakup and finally feel alive again? No matter if you have been stuck in an emotionally abusive relationship for too long or if your marriage ended because your husband cheated on you… deserve happiness. You deserve to recover. You deserve to heal. You deserve to get over him. As the host of the Get Him Keep Him Podcast, a dating podcast for women that has more than one million downloads, I have already coached hundreds of women and helped them to find love and improve their relationships. Over the years I received emails from more and more women who asked me one of the following questions: How do I recover and heal from my divorce? How do I recover from my long-term relationship breakup? How do I recover from a narcissistic relationship and abuse? How do I get over my ex-boyfriend? How do I get over my ex-husband? How can I move on after my relationship ended? How do I recover from my breakup after being stuck in a toxic relationship for years? How do I love myself and my life again after my breakup or divorce? If you can identify with at least one of the questions I mentioned, you and the Get Over Him Podcast are the perfect match. Now you might be asking yourself: “Sebastian, what sets you apart from other breakup and divorce recovery coaches?” Other coaches are not even certified. I have a Professional Coaching Mastery Certification, I’m a Cognitive Behavioral Life Coach and I’m a Certified Hypnotist. Other coaches either offer no personal coaching or only group coaching. I offer personal Coaching Sessions Over Skype, WhatsApp, Zoom, or any other app that you want to use because I’m so passionate about helping you that I’m happy to invest my time and energy into talking to you one-on-one. I’m excited to work with you, to help you, to guide you, and oh...I reply to every email: sebastian@

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