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Future ADHD

Grace Koelma

Future ADHD is a podcast hosted by Grace Koelma, Founder & Educator at futureadhd.com, and creator of the Future ADHD Planner, with 30,000+ downloads and recommended by psychologists, therapists and coaches. Future ADHD exists to serve neurodivergents who have a deep sense that — while they struggle with self regulation and executive functioning on a daily basis — they’re not flawed or disordered, but rather living in a fast-paced world that wasn’t designed for their brain. Being diagnosed with combined type ADHD at 33 helped make sense of my entire life — and while I wholeheartedly support an empowered and strength-based approach to ADHD, I also hold space and honour the daily complexity and difficulty of being neurodivergent in a world that isn’t designed for us. Over decades, we have accumulated layered self-beliefs and negative messages that plague us — after a lifetime of feeling misunderstood and simultaneously too much, and not enough. But what if our daydreaming, impulsivity, and fierce obsessions all make complete sense... What if we’re not flawed or disordered, but rather living in a fast-paced world that wasn’t designed for our brilliant ADHD brains? If this resonates for you, and you want to join a community of brilliant, like-minded people, and learn more about your neurodivergent mind, then come along. Join me for a new episode or interview each week, as I explore methods backed by science, including polyvagal theory & nervous system nourishment, breathwork and self care, planning & organisation, neural plasticity & unconscious programming, mindset and self-perception, and habit forming. I’ll also chat to a range of neurodivergent guests, so we can challenge the status quo, change the conversation and shape the future of ADHD together. Come check out my science-based planners and other resources at > futureadhd.com.

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