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The Highly-Sensitive Leader Podcast

Muriel Kosovsky

Hello and welcome to the Highly-Sensitive Leader Podcast with highly-sensitive certified coach, leadership expert and qualified teacher Muriel Kosovsky. This podcast provides leadership tips, education, insights, stories, and mind hacks to create a space for highly-sensitive leaders to self-educate, develop their career and fulfil their potential. This podcast will help you understand the HSP trait in depth and show you how to manage, embrace and use your HSP trait to your advantage in the corporate and business space. I will use my leadership expertise, my 20 years of experience being an HSP in high-stimulation and extremely demanding work environments, as well as my guests’ expertise and wisdom to promote an inclusive and sustainable leadership culture for HSPs. And remember, being highly-sensitive is first and foremost a superpower which we can learn to harness in order to shine bright as a leader and make a positive impact on the world. Now relax your nervous system, sit back and enjoy the journey!

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    41: HSP Confidence 1 - Off-track and Back


    Join me this week as I open a series of six podcast episodes specifically tailored to help highly sensitive leaders and professionals grow 100% confidence. I share with you the three reasons why confidence is such an important skill for HSPs to develop in a fast-paced world that is not adapted to our needs. I teach you how to reframe the way you think about confidence to grow it from your strengths rather than from what you think are your weaknesses. I shed light on the two main pain points which throw our confidence off-track: our own self-concept and… people! – and teach you strategies you can implement right away and which will naturally get your confidence back on track when you need it the most.
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    40: Regulating what we absorb from others


    Join me this week as I explore how we highly sensitive people and professionals absorb layers after layers of “stuff” from other people as we go about our day.  Discover how being naturally compelled to take in stimulation from others creates a disconnect with ourselves. I discuss how this leaves us influenced by others, to the point of wondering what they think of us.  I am breaking down this experience for you to understand it deeply and be able to notice it in the future. Self-awareness and being the expert of yourself as an HSP is key!  I also show you that it is possible to regulate our in-take and develop the skill of dialling up and down what we absorb from others. I share five of my strategies and exercises to get started now and start lightening up this load of information which can drain our energy and hold us back form focusing on our own journey. If this episode resonated and you are ready to create calm, confidence and consistency in your life using my 5 control points© method, book your consultation today – now is always the best moment to start. Go to for more information.
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    39: The Power of Working with your Menstrual Cycle


    Yes, if you look behind roles and responsibilities, you will find that highly sensitive leaders and professionals are also human beings with a menstrual cycle! This is a crucial topic to discuss and bring out in the open, especially for highly sensitive leaders who might experience their cycle with a higher level of intensity, both in their body and their mind. Join me and my special guest, registered nurse, registered Craniosacral Therapist, Flower Essence Practitioner and business owner (Combination Healing) Lisa Matthews for a deep dive into the power it brings to work with our menstrual cycle. Lisa breaks down the menstrual cycle seasons in order for us to understand them and fully utilize their power. We discuss how the menstrual cycle shows up and influences not only the perception of our body but also the way we think and behave as highly sensitive people particularly. We dive into how the menstrual cycle affects our pace and our performance, especially for highly sensitive leaders who have an intense job. We share valuable tips and strategies to re-conciliate honouring our cycle whilst being at our best in a demanding job. Find out more about Lisa Matthews and her events below: Website: Feminine Productivity Workshop Replay, Free Syncing with Your Cycle Resource, and Menstrual-Wise Collective Info:  Podcast: Highly Sensitive Soul Podcast (for HSPs)
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    38: 3 simple steps to Mastering your sensitivity


    This week we are going back to basics! Join the podcast this week as I teach you 3 gems which you will always be able to fall back on, every time your high sensitivity takes over and holds you back from fulfilling your potential.  Although there is no one-size-fits-all magic response when it comes to managing your sensitivity while juggling responsibilities and an intense job, these 3 simple steps will give you the anchor you need to stay calm and consistent in the face of high stimulation and unpredictability.  I am showing you how these 3 steps help you create a perfect balance between being in control and managing situations you don’t have as much control on. This is where it all starts. Let’s start NOW and make it simple, shall we? To follow my work, get inspired and take part, visit
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    37: Breaking up with Guilt


    Guilt ranks amongst the top 5 most challenging areas that my Highly sensitive leaders want and need to work on. Our sense of responsibility for people and outcomes often take bigger proportions than is helpful for us or even productive for us in a leadership environment. Join me this week as I’m sharing why Highly sensitive leaders experience so much guilt, which might prevent us from being successful and using our full potential. I talk you through how guilt manifests in my own journey and that of my clients, as well as a simple three step process which will transform how you experience guilt, how you learn from it and how you use it to your full advantage in the leadership space. If you are a leader prone to guilt and self-blame, I can guarantee that this episode will leave you feeling a lot lighter and in control of your sensitivity! PS: If this episode resonates with you, you will for sure enjoy a deeper conversation around your HSP trait, your leadership and how we together can create a positive experience for you. Book your free 30 mins coaching session on
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    36: How to go for big goals as a Highly Sensitive Leader


    Join me this week as I show you why we as highly sensitive leaders experience insecurity at every level of our leadership growth. I talk you through what comes up for us when we think about achieving big goals and how overwhelm can present itself and hold us back. I am showing you what’s going on in your mind when you are busy focusing on being overwhelmed and how you will always find reasons not to go for your dream goals. I offer some useful tools and strategies to focus instead on the unique and powerful contributions you are making as highly sensitive leaders, as well as exercises to start taking action towards your version of success. To start taking control of your sensitivity and fulfill your potential amongst a community of like-minded highly sensitive leaders, visit my website
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    35: Being Overwhelmed in Advance (and what to do about it!)


    Tune in this week to discover the importance of mastering overwhelm as a Highly sensitive leader.  I’m showing you what is going on in your HSP mind and body when you are busy focusing on being overwhelmed in advance at the thought of various leadership and professional scenarios. I am using my sports and competitive horse-riding experience to share how mastering overwhelm has completely changed my results. I’m sharing why pre-empting overwhelm is an important skill to develop for HSPs. I teach you 5 key strategies to help you focus on preparing yourself for the situation, letting go until it actually unfolds, and using your HSP superpowers and visualization techniques to create success for yourself and fulfill your potential in the leadership and business space. Book reference: "10-minute Toughness" by Jason Selk Join my workshop Making Business Work for Highly Sensitive Leaders here. For more information about my work, visit
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    34: Level up your energy!


    Join me this week as I show you how important it is for highly sensitive leaders and professionals to maintain and regulate their energy levels. I explore what you need to do to avoid the up & down rollercoaster of energy when you experience it as an HSP. I am offering some examples of how depletion of your energy levels can affect critical leadership skills such as decision-making, emotional regulation and time-management and the detriments of not being intentional with how you regulate your energy levels in a way which suits your highly sensitive nervous system. I offer some easy and practical strategies you can apply straightaway and include into your routine. To learn more about my work with highly sensitive leaders and book a consult, visit Join my free Facebook community "Highly Sensitive Business Leaders" here.
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    33: It's a journey! From Inside & Out Leadership to The Highly Sensitive Leader Podcast


    I am very excited to introduce my new podcast brand, The Highly-Sensitive Leader Podcast, which follows on from my previous podcast, Inside & Out Leadership. Join me on today’s transition episode where I share elements of my journey into re-branding the podcast and my journey of being a highly-sensitive person. I share how I have discovered my trait, managed it over the years and used it to my advantage in the education space but also in the leadership and business space. Today I am also uncovering key topics which will help you get started (the hardest part!) on the work needed to achieve your full potential as a highly-sensitive leader. Sit back, relax your nervous system and get started! Join my Highly Sensitive Business Leaders Facebook group here. Visit for more information.
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    32: The Leader's Zone of Genius with Anna Liebl


    Have you found your Zone of Genius as a leader? Or perhaps you lost it somewhere along the way and want to have it back... Join me this week for a insightful conversation into growing one's leadership from the inside out with my guest Anna Liebl. She talks to us about building the mindset and stamina on which to thrive and become proactive leaders instead of constantly putting out fires! Anna is committed to shifting workplace practices to empower brilliant employees and business owners to become the Genius Leaders they can be. We dive into the notion of productivity, which is central to Anna's work, and how to enjoy the ride! You can get in touch with Anna Liebl through the following: -LinkedIn profile -Weekly calls for Genius Leaders -Genius Leadership: Overcoming Everything podcast If you are passionate about Inside & Out Leadership and would like to feature on the podcast, please contact me via LinkedIn here.

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