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[Q&A] Growing a Network from Scratch?

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On today’s Q&A episode, Luqman writes in with a question.  He’s a brand-new freelancer and wants to know exactly how to build a freelance network and attract more clients.  We all know your network can lead to massive growth for your business. So Clay and I break down what has worked well for us and what has totally bombed when it comes to networking.  If you want to build your network fast, you should try FeedCoyote, the all-in-one freelance collaboration network platform. Click the link in our show notes to sign up for FeedCoyote completely free. Then, browse, search, and pick fellow freelancers with the right expertise to collaborate on your projects. It’s a referral network for freelancers, and it’s free to try. Click the link in this show’s description or visit this link. Alright, now on with today’s episode of Freelance to Founder. Here we go. To submit your question, visit, and we'll feature you on an upcoming episode. Listen to our full-length coaching calls: Support our Sponsors Our generous sponsors make this show 100% free to you. Support them at the link below. Learn more about your ad choices. Visit

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