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[Q&A] Free Money [Part 1]

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I am joined by special guest co-host Austin Church on today's show. He is a very talented freelancer and the author of the new book, Free Money. It's all about growing your revenue as a freelancer, and we talked today about calculating your survival rate. That's the rate you need to stay in business as a freelancer. What's the minimum amount you need to make to stay in business? So, if you've wondered how to calculate that rate best, stay tuned for today's Q&A episode with Austin Church and me, Preston Lee. Here we go. Learn more about Austin's new book, Free Money. Sign up for Austin's free workshop, "Genius 5-minute freelancing hacks" To submit your question, visit, and we'll feature you on an upcoming episode. Listen to our full-length coaching calls: Support our Sponsors Our generous sponsors make this show 100% free to you. Support them at the link below. Learn more about your ad choices. Visit

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