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[Q&A] Cost of Starting an Agency?

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On today’s Q&A episode — let’s talk money. Exactly how much should you save up before you can start your own agency? We do our best to answer this question, plus it got us asking: what in the world are we spending all of our money on these days in our own businesses. So, as a bonus, we break down our own finances a bit more to round out the episode.  It all starts right now on this episode of Freelance to Founder. Here we go. To submit your question, visit, and we'll feature you on an upcoming episode. Listen to our full-length coaching calls: Support our sponsors so we can keep airing new episodes: Shopify - The global commerce platform. Build your business with Shopify to sell online, offline, and everywhere in between. Book of the Month - Choose from a curated selection of the best new hardcovers and audiobooks every month. LinkedIn Talent Solutions - With access to 900M professionals and real-time data, you can find and hire the right people to grow your business and make it thrive. Dripify - Premium learning platform for entrepreneurs. SolidGigs - Get more freelance jobs Learn more about your ad choices. Visit

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