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Follow the Child

Windy Brzezińska and Shawna Thompson

Warm welcome to Follow the Child, a podcast created by two early childhood educators currently in the season of motherhood. Follow the Child is dedicated to listeners interested in conscious parenting and recognises our children as equal beings who are worthy of our love, time, and respect. Sharing our experiences both as mothers and educators with a child centred approach, we hope that listeners gain something of value from each episode, if nothing other than some laughs and mama connection!

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    Ep. 25 Second Home Birth Story


    For our last episode of this 2019 season, Shawna is sharing her second home birth story which took place just one year ago! We're chatting about natural home birthing, working with a midwife, and considerations in going from one to two children. We'll be taking a short break over the holidays and will be back in early January for the 2020 season!
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    Ep. 24 Therapist Laura Ackley on Shame Free Vulnerability for our Children


    So excited to have Clinical Mental health Counselor Laura Ackley back on the show with us covering the vulnerable stuff in ours and our children's lives! Courage- we all want it, and certainly hope for it for our children. Laura believes that the ability to reach courage is directly tied to vulnerability. Are we willing to really be seen as our authentic selves? Do we model shame free and vulnerable behaviours in front of our children? How is anxiety in parenthood tied to vulnerability? BIG conversation happening here on FTCP that leads to one very important thing we all care so deeply about: protecting our children's self worth!
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    Ep. 23 Navigating the Story of Santa Claus, Advent, and the Sprit of Charity


    Welcome back after our little Thanksgiving break! This week we're onto the topic of Old Saint Nick and how the conversation of how we choose to celebrate the holidays can vary in different homes and cultures. We share our personal approaches to the fictional story of Santa Claus, (we both tend to air on the side of honesty with our children:) As well as how we have incorporated charity and the spirit of giving into our family values. Also! - the Waldorf approach to Advent or 'The coming of light' and celebrating and honoring our connectivity to other kingdoms of the planet has really captured both of our interest and imagination! Catch us chatting about all of it here!

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