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Flicks With D*cks


Three comedians watch movies with full frontal male nudity and discuss how these scenes affect the rest of the movie.

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    Dicksussion 19 /Ma


    This week the boys find out if Sanker's yogurt has gone bad and if it is worth it to eat that really old Werther's Original, just in time for Halloween! The boys also watch the movie Ma, and discuss the logistics of this uniquely strange film.
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    Dickscussion 18/The Tax Collector


    This week, the boys review their last episode which reviewed the film The Tax Collector, but the episode was lost, so they have to go back and review that episode. They also discuss conspiracy theories about the moon, Kurt Cobain, and charcuterie, plus Ian get a new nickname.
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    Twelve Monkeys


    This week the boys return to their first in person recording since the first lockdown! They watch the movie Twelve Monkeys and also discuss jarring cats, punching coworkers, Neil Young's voice, and more!
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    Dickscussion 25


    On this week's Dickscussion the boys dickscuss racism, choosing groups, Rasputin, and even have a singalong!
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    Y Tu Mama Tambien


    This week the boys watch "Y Mama Tu Tambien" and talk about Mia Kalifa as a person and an individual, Dobski's arms, calves, and butt, and Ian tries to tune a ukelele! Plus more!
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    Dickscussion 23


    This week the boys watch videos and react to them on an audio medium!
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    Come To Daddy


    This week the boys are joined by comedian and human encyclopedia Drew Grav. They watch "Come To Daddy" starring Elijah Wood and get into all sorts of technical hijinks and blubber about everything they shouldnt.
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    DIickscussion 24


    On this weeks Dickscussion episode, Ian returns with another edition of his Quizzles with Dizzles Gameshow, this time with visual aids, which makes a lot of sense for an audio formatted podcast!
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    John Dies At The End


    This week the boys watch John Dies at the End. They discuss confusing summaries, Sanker's podcasting duties, inappropriate names for inappropriate things, and getting in trouble for having this podcast!
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    DIickscussion 23


    This week's discussion has the boys talking about Simspson's characters and relationships, starting new podcasts, lettuce, broccoli, and more!

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