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World Questions: Poland

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After a bitter election, a new government takes power in Poland promising to de-politicise the state. But after courts are ignored, key people are sacked and opposition politicians are arrested in the Presidential Palace, is democracy being restored or undermined? Jonny Dymond chairs a panel of leading politicians as they debate the big issues put to them by the public in the Royal Castle of Warsaw.

The Panel: Mateusz Morawiecki, MP: Former Prime Minister of Poland, Vice President of Law and Justice Party Senator Magdalena Biejat: Deputy Marshal of the Senate, Co-leader of Razem. Agnieszka Pomaska, MP: Vice Chair EU Affairs Committee, National Board member of Civic Platform Krzysztof Bosak, MP: Co-leader of the Confederation and Independence Party

(Photo: Participants in the Poland's Independence Day march organised by nationalist groups in Warsaw. Photo by Wojtek Radwanski / AFP / Getty Images)

Producer: Charlie Taylor

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