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World Questions: Iraq

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Saddam Hussein was toppled as Iraq’s head of state in 2003 after US-led forces invaded the country. World Questions is in Iraq with a public audience and a panel of politicians and thinkers to mark the 20th anniversary. They address today’s issues and there is passion and excitement as Iraqis debate openly whether life is better now than it was under Saddam. Foreign influence, corruption, the rights of women and Iraq’s potential as a tourist destination are all discussed by a panel facing questions from the public.

The panel: Mohamed Al Daraji: Senior Advisor on Technical Matters to the Prime Minister of Iraq Suadad Al Salhy: Senior Reporter for Middle East Eye Tara Berhan Shwani: Senior Associate International Republican Institute Dhiaa Al Asadi: Former leader of the Sadrist Bloc in Parliament

Presenter: Jonny Dymond Producer: Charlie Taylor

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