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Jaime Vernon: Bringing Music to Life with Songs for Sounds

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Join me in an inspiring and influential conversation with Jaime Vernon.  We all face trials and tribulations in our life, and Jaime shares how her own personal trial led her to imagine, invent, invent, and inspire Songs for Sounds.  Jaime shares her story of finding out that her daughter, Lexi, was diagnosed with profound bilateral hearing loss.  Through her own parenting journey as well as her professional background; she uses music as an inspiration to make a profound difference.  Take a listen and hear how Songs For Sound was founded on a heartwarming story leading to a passionate objective: to bridge the gap between “I think I have hearing loss” and quality hearing healthcare while increasing inclusion opportunities for those with hearing loss and deafness.    

For more information about Songs For Sounds and how to make a difference, visit the website at https://songsforsound.com/

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    What is TAAC? Total Language that is Accessible, Attended, and Coordinated


    Join me in a conversation with Derek Houston, Ph.D. as we discuss how language impacts children with cochlear implants.  Dr. Houston brings a wealth of information to this topic.  Dr. Houston currently is in the Department of Otolaryngology-Head and Neck Surgery at The Ohio State University College of Medicine where he directs the Buckeye Center for Hearing and Development. His work has focused on the effects of early auditory deprivation and subsequent cochlear implantation on speech discrimination, attention to speech, sensitivity to language-specific properties of speech, word learning, and general cognitive skills in deaf infants and toddlers. In this episode, Dr. Houston discusses a proposed conceptual framework to explain the relationship between language input and language outcomes. TAAC is the idea that total language input directed to children with cochlear implants  is moderated by what is accessible, attended, and coordinated with the child. Take a listen as we take a deeper dive into each of the TAAC components. For more information about the Buckeye Center for Hearing and Development and also to connect with Dr. Derek Houston, visit the website:  https://medicine.osu.edu/departments/otolaryngology/research/buckeye-center https://medicine.osu.edu/find-faculty/clinical/otolaryngology/derek-houston-phd
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    Dr. Donald Goldberg Shares Historical Perspectives & His Professional Journey


    Join me in a conversation with the accomplished Dr. Donald Goldberg as we have a discussion about the important history and work of the Joint Committee on Infant Hearing, the important work and collaboration between hearing healthcare professionals, educators, and families, and the positive impact of the fields, including how Dr. Goldberg ventured into the field. Dr. Donald Goldberg has his Ph.D., CCC-SLP/A, LSLS certified AVT, and is full professor at the College of Wooster (Ohio).  Dr. Goldberg is also a member of the Professional Staff for the Section of Audiology and Hearing Implant Program (HIP) at the Cleveland Clinic’s Head and Neck Institute.  Dr. Goldberg has co-authored a book, written numerous book chapters, published a range of research-based and clinical publications, and has been an invited speaker throughout the United States and Canada, as well as 16 other countries.  He was awarded the “Honors” of the AG Bell Association for the Deaf and Hard of Hearing in 2018 and became a “Fellow” of the American Speech-Language-Hearing Association (ASHA) in 2020.  Dr. Goldberg's most recent clinical work has been the field testing of the soon-to-be published "Test of Auditory Functioning" (BlueTree Publishing).  For more information about Dr. Goldberg visit https://wooster.edu/bio/dgoldberg/
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    An Educational Audiology Discussion with Drs. Ashley Dainton & Rebecca Huzzy


    Join me in a conversation about one of my favorite topics, Educational Audiology!  On this podcast I had the opportunity to interview 2 educational audiologists who work for the Clarke Schools for Hearing and Speech.  Clarke has five sites that offer interdisciplinary professional services in center-based, home-based, school-based and virtual services for infants, families, school-age children and adults.  At Clarke, audiologists are a critical part of our interdisciplinary team of professionals that support students of all ages and their families.   Ashley Dainton, AuD, CCC-A, F-AAA, Audiologist at the Clarke Hearing Center  From an early age, Ashley knew she wanted to work in a multidisciplinary field as a healthcare professional. She graduated summa cum laude from Kent State University with a B.S. in Speech Pathology and Audiology. She completed her Doctorate of Audiology at the Northeast Ohio AuD Consortium (NOAC) and received the 2017 Lagler Award for outstanding graduate student. Ashley had clinical placements at the Independence Cleveland Clinic Family Health Center, Mercy Health, Stark County Educational Service Center, the Kent State University and University of Akron clinics and she was part of NOAC's first audiology mission to Guatemala. Ashley went to California to complete her fourth-year audiology externship at the Providence Speech and Hearing Center. During her externship, Ashley had three clinical rotations that included adult and pediatric hearing aid fitting and services, diagnostic testing and specialty testing, auditory brainstem response testing and cochlear implants.  Rebecca Huzzy, AuD, CCC-A, Educational Audiologist at Clarke Schools for Hearing and Speech Rebecca Huzzy, AuD, CCC-A, Educational Audiologist at Clarke Schools for Hearing and Speech, graduated cum laude from Bloomsburg University in 2003 with a BS in audiology and speech pathology and then again in 2007 with a doctorate in audiology. Dr. Huzzy has worked as a clinical audiologist at Nemours Children's Hospital, Delaware since graduating, and began working as an educational audiologist at Clarke Philadelphia in July 2013. Her clinical interests include cochlear implants, amplification and education.   For more information about Clarke visit the following website and follow them on social media.  Clarke: https://www.clarkeschools.org
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    Stacey Lim Shares Her Personal & Professional Hearing Loss Journeys


    Join me in a conversation with Dr. Stacey Lim, AuD., Ph.D., CCC-A who is an Assistant Professor of Audiology at Central Michigan University.  Dr. Lim has both a personal and professional journey in the field of audiology. Her research and publication areas include cochlear implantation, aural rehabilitation, language and literacy development and cognitive processing mechanisms.  She also teaches multiple classes in the department of Audiology at Central Michigan University.  Dr. Lim also has a lifelong journey growing up with hearing loss.  In this podcast interview, Stacey shares her parent’s journey of navigating a world of raising a child who is deaf as well as her own personal experiences growing up in the mainstream school setting and later navigating to the field of audiology.   For more information about Dr. Stacey Lim: https://www.cmich.edu/colleges/CHP/directory/Pages/Stacey-Lim-.aspx www.disabledbeautyshow.com
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    One Good Ear is Never Enough! A Discussion with Anita Jeyakumar, MD


    One good ear is all you need, right?  Join me for a special episode about Unilateral Hearing Loss with Dr. Anita Jeyakumar, MD, MS.  In this episode we dig deeper into the impact of unilateral hearing loss as well as non medical and medical solutions.  Dr. Jeyakumar has over 20 years of experience in the field of otolaryngology.  She received her bachelor’s degree in Chemistry from Belmont University in Nashville, TN, her master’s in chemistry degree (MS) from Tennessee State University in Nashville, TN, and her medical degree from Meharry Medical College in Nashville, TN. Dr. Jeyakumar completed an internship in General Surgery and a residency in Otolaryngology at Strong Memorial Hospital University of Rochester, in New York. She completed her clinical fellowship in Pediatric Otolaryngology at the Cleveland Clinic Foundation in Cleveland, Ohio.  Dr. Jeyakumar works for Mercy Health Otolaryngology in the Youngstown area in Ohio where she is starting a multidisciplinary clinic for patients with hearing loss, and a cochlear implantation and hearing rehabilitation program. Her current research interests are focused on the genetics of hearing loss, outcomes research and quality of life projects.  To contact Dr. Jeyakumar, visit the website: https://www.mercy.com/find-a-doctor/physicians/anita-jeyakumar/1985497
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    Valli Gideons Sounds Her "Battle Call"


    My Battle Call! Join me as I sit down with Valli Gideons for a real, authentic conversation about raising her two children with cochlear implants and how she turned her journalism background into her “Battle Call” to help families and professionals around the world.  Valli is a military bride, who writes about navigating through the fog of raising kids with cochlear implants and other things from the heart.  She provides inspiration for anyone through her freelance writing, webpage, speaking engagements, and social media.  Valli and her daughter, Harper, recently published a children’s book called “Now Hear this, Harper Soars with her Magic Ears” and can be purchased on Amazon or by reaching out to Valli directly for a signed copy.  To connect with Valli, follow her on FaceBook, Instagram, and her own webpage.   https://mybattlecall.com/ https://www.facebook.com/MyBattleCall/ https://www.instagram.com/mybattlecall/
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    Dr. Samantha Kesteloot Shares Her Hearing Loss Journey


    Join me for an inspirational interview with Dr. Samantha Kesteloot as she shares her experience growing up as a twin in the public school system in Michigan with bilateral hearing loss.  Samantha’s hearing journey led her down the path of educational audiology.  Dr. Samantha Kesteloot is now an educational audiologist with Trenton's Oral Program for the Deaf/ Hard of Hearing in Trenton, Michigan. She graduated from Wayne State University's Audiology program in 2020 after completing her externship at the Central Institute for the Deaf in St. Louis, Missouri. Her hearing loss was identified at the age of 4 after which she was fit with bilateral hearing aids. In 2017 Sam decided to be implanted with a hybrid cochlear implant at Vanderbilt University. She enjoys spending time with her friends, traveling and staying involved with professional volunteer activities as well as those for kids/ families with hearing loss. 
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    My Child Has Hearing Loss, Now What?


    My Child Has Hearing Loss, Now What?  Join me in learning more about an amazing new course, resources, and videos for parents of children with hearing loss (and for professionals too).  Dr. Michelle Hu has combined her 38 years of personal experiences with her 12 years of professional expertise as a pediatric audiologist to help navigate the journey as a DHH family.  In this podcast, Dr. Hu shares about her new release, what is included, and how to purchase this incredible resource.  Take a listen and visit Dr. Hu’s website at www.mamahuhears.com
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    Back to School Hot Topics with Drs. Cheryl DeConde Johnson & Lisa Cannon


    Join me in this special podcast remix of the Facebook Live event on Back to School Hot Topics with Dr. Cheryl DeConde Johnson and Dr. Lisa Cannon.  Cheryl is internationally recognized for her extensive expertise in the field of educational audiology and deaf education including authorship, public speaking, teaching, consulting, research and much more.  Lisa brings a wealth of experience and expertise to the field of educational audiology including national and state leadership positions, presentations, program development, and currently is the president of the Educational Audiology Association.    In this episode we take a deep dive into hot topics that impact students who are deaf and hard of hearing as well as those who support students in the educational setting.  From masks, to access, to technology you will be engaged in what we learned last year and what we can do moving forward.  Resources are shared in the show notes and also the episode to check out.   Be ready to engage in the conversation as well as participate in a call for appreciation action for our teachers who serve students each and every day.   Resources to Check Out: Cheryl DeConde Johnson:  https://adevantage.com/ Lisa Cannon:  https://www.linkedin.com/in/lisa-cannon-62bb526/ Educational Audiology Association:  https://edaud.org/ Roger Soundfield:  Optimizing Audibility with Dr. Cheryl DeConde Johnson https://youtu.be/JOi3FgM0mxI  
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    25 Episodes!!! Time to Celebrate


    Exactly 1 Year ago today the empowEAr audiology podcast was released.  Today is not only a celebration of 1 year, but also a celebration of the 25th episode.  25 is a great # to celebrate whether it is a birthday, anniversary, or the 25th empowEAR audiology podcast.  What are you waiting to celebrate?  I encourage you to believe in yourself and make the most of what gifts and talents you were made for. IN celebration of 1 year and 25 episodes, I wanted to dedicate this episode to reflecting, refreshing and restarting.  Today I will reflect on my own personal gain, refresh on how 3C digital media made empowEAR audiology come alive as well as the multiple guests and listeners, and restart with goals for year 2.   The first episode of empowEAR audiology is titled “What is My Purpose”.   In reflecting on this question over the past year, I have been reminded that we truly do not know another person’s journey- we all have our own experiences that make us who we are.  I am truly grateful that I tood this leap of faith with the empowerEAR audiolgy podcast to develop a unique platform for storytelling as it relates to personal and professional hearing journeys.  In episode #20, I interviewed Karin Weiser, international career transition coach, connector, and storytelling.  She also has a journey with a cochlear implant.  In this episode Karin goes deeper into why sharing your story.  We learn by stories, we open up emotions by telling stories, and we make lessons stick by telling stories.  What Story do you have to tell?   Reflecting on my own story as it relates to being hard of hearing as well as an audiologist; I hope empowEAR audiology is helping to break down the stigmas that continue to surround hearing loss and others gain a deeper understanding of the unique spectrum of deaf and hard of hearing individuals.   I started thinking about stigma again because it has been a topic of conversation at a recent conference that I attended.  My reflection actually took me back to my childhood years.  I thought to myself….this little girl ME, was born with hearing loss and not identified and fit with amplification until the age of 4, had a significant articulation difficulties,  wore analog hearing aids that really did not have the capacity to give access to the full speech spectrum, spend 12 years in speech, language, and auditory therapy, attended my public neighborhood school and was on an IEP receiving special ed services, went onto college and was told that because of my hearing loss, that pursing the field of audiology may not be a good choice, persisted through and achieved a doctorate in audiology, began a successful and rewarding career path in educational audiology, went on the cochlear implant journey late in life, and NOW I am hosting a podcast!!  Who would have ever thought that the little girl who was so difficult to understand with a significant bilateral severe to profound hearing loss would be celebrating the joy of 25 podcast episodes!!  Life has a way of making your own challenges your greatest purpose and if you dare to think differently you will emerge stronger.  In my own spiritual personal journey, I am absolutely grateful to have this lifelong hearing challenge.  Yes there are times that I am frustrated, mad, and feel isolated in this vibrant hearing world; but I have learned how to be resilient and determined.  From this hearing journey, emerged many positive relations and a purposeful career.  If you have not already heard my story, take a listen to episode one.  I hope you feel empowEARed after this little reflection to overcome your own obstacles with resilience and determination. In today’s 25th episode I also wanted to hit the refresh button and talk about 3C Digital network, empowEAR’s guests, and YOU as listeners.   I wanted to share a quick story about how I got connected to 3C Digital Media Network.  A good friend an colleague, Dr. Todd Houston interviewed me about 1 ½ years ago for his own podcast titled “The Listening Brain”.  You can visit his podcast and look for episode #10 to hear this conversation or go to the shownotes and you can find it here too.  After that episode, Todd asked if I have ever considered hosting my own podcast.  I had actually thought about it but with a full time job and family, I did not have an abundance of extra time to figure out all of the behind the scenes actions that go into launching and sustaining a podcast.  He went on to share about how he and 2 other colleagues that I know and admire, Scott Palasik and Tammy Bradham, teamed up and had created 3Cdigitalmedia network.  They were looking for content creators.  It was the exact platform, support, and expertise that I needed to be involved with to make empowEAR audiology come alive.  Thank you Todd for asking me and to the whole 3CDigital team for your ongoing guidance and support.  If any of you have considered a podcast, webinar, blog, or any other content creations…reach out and see if 3Cdigitatl media network would be a fit for you.  Thank YOU 3C! Let’s hit the refresh button again and talk about the amazing guests!!  This podcast would not be possible without each of you being willing to give up some time and share your talents.  I truly get so excited each and every time that I have an interview set up!  You can visit the website to listen, Apple, Spotify, and Google play to catch all of the episodes.  I am going to give a brief rundown of each of the guests.   Dr. Cheryl DeConde Johnson, my first interview and you can hear about her personal story as a parent and professional as well as returning to school during the pandemic Dr. Tina Childress shares her personal story and we discuss “shoes” aka masks and accommodations during the pandemic Camille Warren is a mom and she shares her story and advice for parents and professionals for reentry back to school during the pandemic Dr Carol Flexer and a conversation about lifelong learning, mentoring, the brain, and passion for audiology Dr Gail Whitelaw and Counselors about teens, teen mentorship, and cultivating advocacy through the campUS experience Dr. Oliver Adunka, my CI surgeon and the cochlear implant process Dr. Elizabeth Walker and the significance of mild hearing loss in children Janet DesGeorges discusses her parent journey as well as her new book “Not a Leader, Now a Leader” Dr. Erin Schafer and wearing the mic Deanna Magna and the role of the TOD/HH Dr. Karen MacIver Lux  personal story and my HEAR-O Dr Ryan McCreary and the importance of research in audiology Dr Michelle Hu and happiness with peer to peer connections for deaf/hard of hearing 4 Moms (Nancy, Maggie, Stephanie, Tina) share Get It moments about raising a child who is d/hh Dr. Marc Brennan and his personal story, research and framing the hearing loss advantage Dr. Angela Alexander and her personal passion and dedicated work in the area of  APD Karin Weiser, career coach, cochlear implant user, and the importance of sharing your story Dr. Sam Atcherson and his personal journey and finding the right solutions and support Julianna and Andrew Hebert from HearSTrong Foundation and being a HS Champion Dr. Rene Gifford shares about bimodal hearing Jaime Vernon shares her mom journey and her 501c3 Songs for Sounds.   I want to say that I don’t have a favorite episode because I love them all.  I am grateful for your storytelling, whether it is a personal or professional journey.  I loved learning from each of you and digging deeper into topics to empowEAR others.  I cannot wait to meet more guests as we kick off year 2.   Refresh one more time….Listeners!!  Thanks to all of you for tuning in twice a month to catch the latest episodes.  I have heard from many of year and continue to receive positive feedback.  It brings me great joy to hear when a college professor shares this podcast with students to listen.  It warms my heart to find out that a parent was inspired by another parent sharing their story.  I am encouraged when an adult who is deaf/hard of hearing realizes that there are others who are in their shoes.  Listeners keep on listening.  Share with others.  Engage with me on the empowEAR Audiology FB page.  Please give a 5 star review.  Consider writing a favorable comment.  All of these actions helps empowerEAR Audiology grow so others can benefit.  Listeners, if there is someone that you want to hear from, please reach out!!   Restart!!  I am looking forward to year 2 and 25 more episodes.  I strive to bring more empowEARing personal stories, cutting edge researchers and professionals, and additional practical knowledge and tips to all of you.  I will be trying out some new ways to engage in this upcoming year including some FB live events and learning opportunities.   A huge thanks again to everyone and for believing in me.  Cheers to Year 2 and 25 more. 

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