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    PREVIEW: The Left Needs Therapy, and Other Assorted Apostasies


    On this episode of the Parrot Room on Zero Squared, Adam and Doug talk about the "Post-Left," why the left needs therapy (Okay, Adam said that and I'm not sure Doug agrees) and much, much more. p.s. get therapy. Become a patron of DPS to hear the entirety of this episode: Support Zero Books here:
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    Was Bernie Sanders a Mistake? (Adam Goes on Zero Squared Podcast)


    Adam goes on Zero Squared Podcast, hosted by Doug Lain, to lay out his case for why Bernie Sanders was important to support and they end up talking a lot about some dusty, nerdy shit -- from Marx to the Second International to the New Deal and beyond. Support Zero Book Podcast here: Become a supporter of DPS on patreon here:
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    Is Neoliberalism Dead? w/ Sam Gindin


    Sam Gindin joins us to address recent claims about the death of neoliberalism in the wake of the latest turn to stimulus-based policies. Can it be? -- of course not... Gindin explains why. Become a patron of DPS to hear this ep in its entirety:
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    Learning to Love (Winning) Again w/ James Schneider


    Joining us this week is James Schneider, former communication director for Jeremy Corbyn, cofounder of Momentum (UK), and current comms guy for Progressive International. He's here to discuss a new series out at Novara called "How We Win: A Socialist Strategy for the 2020s." Read the intro and find the rest of the essays here: --------------- Become a patron of DPS here:
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    PREVIEW: Everybody Chill the Fuck Out w/ Ben Burgis


    On this week's patron-exclusive ep of DPS, we're joined by Ben Burgis. We talk about the state of the left in the Biden era, cancel culture, the psycho-emotional baggage of the left, and much much more. You all know about this book by now, but you should really buy it: *** Join the Society to hear the full episode: ***
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    PREVIEW: Identity Politics of the Second Gilded Age w/ Matt Karp


    After an extended intro by Adam, we're joined by Matt Karp who wrote a great essay a few months ago called "The Politics of a Second Gilded Age" ( Listen to this episode in its entirety by becoming a patron:
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    Does Our Obsession with an Independent Worker's Party Hurt the Socialist Project Today?


    Brad Chester from DSA's Collective Power Networks joins us today to account for his crimes against the independent socialist movement -- jk, but a piece he published in Feb of 2021 dares to ask the question, "Does our obsession with an independent worker's party hurt the socialist movement today?" This question leads to a number of fascinating debates concerning electoral politics, socialist strategy, and so on. You can find his essay here: *** Support this project of political education by becoming a patron: ***
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    Taking Lessons from the Break That Founded the Labour Party w/ Eric Blanc


    Eric Blanc joins us to talk about a recent essay he wrote assessing the break that founded the UK Labour Party, of which there are tremendous resonances with the socialist movement in the U.S., today. ***Support this podcast by becoming a patron today: *** Tune in for this wide-ranging and informative discussion. You can find the essay here: Thanks, Patrons!
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    Who Governs the Democratic Party (And Why Does It Matter?) w/ Adam Hilton


    Adam Hilton is back on DPS to talk about his book on the Democratic Party. Also, we talk a lot about... you guessed it, the Democratic Party. *** Become a patron of DPS today: *** Find his book here:
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    Mike Davis and the Socialist Project w/ Micah Uetricht


    Micah Uetricht joins us to talk about Mike Davis's project and, accordingly, how his writings map on to some interesting rifts inside the socialist movement today. Find Micah's essay here: *** Support this project of political education by becoming a patron today: ***

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