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Hosted by Kei Maye, a digital content creator and creative coach, the Creative Champs podcast serves as an informal but straight talking resource to help you kickstart your creative careers and stay sane doing it. Champs - in short - gives you all the creative advice you don't get in uni. Almost like a VIP backstage pass, but without the famous people. Stories, lessons learned, resources & tips all bundled up into sweet, digestible chunks; So whether you're a freelancer, creative entrepreneur or work within the visual arts sector - this podcast has all the tools needed to give you a head start.

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    Ep 60: Series Finale <3


    Hey Champs! This is the final episode of the first series here on the Podcast - hope you've enjoyed the series! As always, feel free to shoot over any suggestions or recommendations for podcast material for the next series. Get in touch on socials (Instagram @creative.champs)E-mail: [email protected] the website: Biggest of love to you all! The work hasn't stopped! Look out for events and happenings over on Creative Champs website and social platforms.
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    Ep 59: "I'm a visual creator...I don't want to be an entertainer."


    Hey Champs! This episode is a frank one - all to do with recent announcements around Instagram and just existing as a visual creator on social media in general.All opinions expressed in this episode are mine and relate to personal conversations and experiences. Instagram: @creative.champsWebsite:
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    Ep 58: "They offered to pay me with pasta, fam."


    Hey Champs! This is an 'over to you' episode where I read out anonymous content from the creative community. The topic of today's segment is all about being offered ridiculous things in exchange for payment. Mate. It's a wild one.  Instagram: @creative.champsWebsite: creativechamps.coFounder Instagram @kei_maye
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    Ep 57: "Client Said I Can't Share The Work Publicly...What Next?"


    Hey Champs! This week we're talking about client project work that has been bound by the terms of a non-disclosure agreement. Are you wanting to share the work publicly or find a way to include it without breaching the terms? If you're not sure how to go about this - this one's for you. Instagram:
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    Ep 56 "The Client Ghosted When It Was Time To Pay."


    Hey Champs! This episode will be providing some pointers and preventative steps to deal with clients who ghost at different stages of the creative process.This is easily one of the more annoying things we deal with - but there are ways to combat these experiences. Let's get into it. Instagram: @creative.champsWebsite:
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    Ep 55: 'More Than Just A Pretty Face'


    Hey Champs! Hope you're enjoying the sunshine! This episode takes a closer look at the different components of a great design project, offering some tips on mastering your design skills to amplify results. Mentioned in this episode: Alex Fefegha of  Comuzi Lab Instagram: @creative.champsWebsite: 
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    Ep 54: FIVERR.


    Hey Champs! Phew this is a sticky one. This platform is consistently mentioned in visual art communities - with many freelancers unsure about whether or not they should set up shop on Fiverr. Let's get into it. P.S - The new website is now OPEN!
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    Ep 53: 'The Client Rejected My Work'


    Hey Champs! So this episode we're speaking all about client rejection. do we deal with the feelings surrounding said rejection to steer things in the most productive direction? This is something so many creators have and will have to deal with as part of the process and career development, although this doesn't change how rubbish it can feel! Let's get into it.  Instagram: @creative.champsWebsite (opening June 1st)
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    Ep 52: What on EARTH is going on at Champs?


    Hey Champs! This episode is a bit of an-hoc episode letting you all know what on Earth is happening behind the scenes. This week in particular has been absolutely jam-packed but it's not all in vain! Have a listen to hear updates.
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    Ep 51: How To Protect Your Digital Art & Design Work


    Resources mentioned in this episode: to use when searching for domain host providers to report copyright infringement and/or theft:  As always you can find Champs over on Instagram @creative.champs Or get in touch with the founder Kei Maye @kei_maye

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