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Amora Brown

Creators! Does it still make sense to move to Hollywood? In a time where artistic, and professional development resources are remotely available, there is a shift in what it means to be a prosperous creator. The conversation has shifted from “to get famous on t.v” to building an online presence. Skills can be perfected through online learning and thus we see a rise in self-taught, award-winning artists. In this podcast, musicians, dancers, filmmakers, artists, writers, storytellers, and content creators discuss how the stability of a corporate job enables them to design extraordinary art. We talk about everything from networking on Clubhouse, building an audience on Instagram, Tiktok, and Youtube to building digital ownership through content creation. Many of these ideas are inspired by the experience of working in corporate careers. The podcast is hosted by Amora Brown, a content-creating techie who sings and acts.

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