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Lisa Bond- Are You a Good White Woman? Unraveling White Supremacy Episode 166

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Episode Description: Are you a good white woman? Raised to be colorblind? Do you think adopting black children makes you immune to racism? There’s a socialization around white womanhood and we’re talking about that today with Race to Community founder Lisa Bond. How are we (white women) upholding the systems of white supremacy? We are getting radically honest today about what it looks like to do the work that the best selling book: “White Women- Everything you already know about your own racism and how to do better” by Regina King and Saira Rao- has reignited. Come to Warrior Women Camp! Self paced, virtual and FUN! Sign up now! Connect with: Lisa Websites for Race2Dinner and Race2Community: Watch the documentary that started it all: Deconstructing Karen Buy the one book you need to read: White Women FB: Linkedin: Guest Bio: Lisa Bond is an experienced and effective advocate for personal change, - grounded in principles of anti-oppression, decolonization, antiracism and restorative justice. A creative thinker, effective collaborator, and engaging facilitator, I help white women unlearn the behaviors of white supremacy culture deeply embedded in our socialization so that we can interrupt systems of oppression at home, at work and at play. Incorporating and building on the work of the great antiracist educators of the past and present, I create informed and powerful program curriculum, focusing on continuous improvement by incorporating new stories, theories and resources for powerful and effective results.

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