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Kymberlie Dimozantos -Secrets of Successful Strategic Business Women Episode 167- Part 2

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Today is PART 2 of my interview with Kym Dimozantos, the woman that helped me take my business to the next level. She is the CEO of The Strategic Business Woman, an all female company, that helps women run highly profitable businesses. This is a juicy conversation about the mistakes that women make in business and why we need to build businesses differently. In this episode learn why you need to detach from your business and invest in yourself to create massive success. We also discuss the business benefits of slowing down and how Kym made $92K in one week without adding one new thing to her business. Don’t miss my big announcement in this episode! Want to know how to be a strategic business woman and build a scalable, profitable business? Listen and learn! Join the 5 Day Back to You Challenge! Let’s take 5 days together + write a brand new story for your life. A new story about your work, your relationships, your health, your money, all of it. Monday, August 21st - Friday, August 25th at 5:00 PM PST for BACK TO YOU- a FREE transformational challenge where we rewrite your story. Join Kyms Strategic Business Women Workshop for FREE: Use code: LOVELIZ Connect with Kym: Website: Instagram: FB:

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