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Holly Krivo:Is Drinking Your Upper Limit? Join the Soberish Uprising- Episode 174

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Today we are talking about being "sober-ish". Holly Krivo is the founder of Sober•ish Uprising, a certified coach and a former heavy drinker. Her life changed in September of 2021 when she started her own sober·ish journey. She no longer could reconcile the woman who handed over her power to booze while also wanting to change the world. Choosing herself over booze changed everything. Holly is dedicated to supporting others to create their own sober·ish journey. Are you sober curious? Feeling like driving is getting in the way of your life? Is it an upper limit problem? Keeping you from higher levels of success and happiness? Tune in to learn and expand your thinking…. about drinking. Join Liz For Blissed Out Holidays- A Holiday Survival Guide- A free event on November 19th: More on Holly and Sober•ish Uprising  Sober-ish Uprising Podcast: IG - @soberishuprising

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