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China Tells State Firms To Drop Big Four Auditors

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IRS stuck on 1970's technology; Twitter poll says change back to 120 hours; Photos prove accounting thought leaders met; Intuit's 2023 Q2 Results


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  • (00:00) - China Tells State Firms to Drop Big Four
  • (00:25) - Preview: "The IRS is broken"
  • (01:09) - Blake and David recap the CPA Educators Conference
  • (08:27) - Some quick listener feedback and Blake interviewed a guest earlier in the week
  • (10:44) - China is telling firms to drop their Big 4 auditors
  • (14:30) - Some updates from Intuit's latest earnings report
  • (19:27) - Blake gives live Chat GPT demo on email responses
  • (24:19) - Vanderbilt University is getting criticized for using Chat GPT to write sympathy email to Michigan State
  • (25:42) - The IRS is using 60 year old technology and won't upgrade it
  • (30:42) - Open Secrets article on Intuit's lobbying money
  • (34:29) - Blake checks in on some live viewer chat
  • (36:15) - The Big 4 and their purpose statements
  • (39:11) - Interview with Jimmy Corley and the 150 hour rule
  • (55:18) - Blake shares a poll from Twitter on 150 hour requirement
  • (57:01) - Criticism on CPA Practice Advisors photo op and article on future of profession
  • (59:22) - Join us next week and where to reach Blake and David

Show Notes

Opinion | Badly outdated technology plagues the IRS - The Washington Post


China urges state firms to drop Big Four auditors on data risk | Accounting Today


Twitter Poll: Should 150 college credits be required or 120 to be a CPA?

What You Should Know About Changing the 150 Hour Rule Before You Debate For or Against It


Accounting Thought Leaders Discuss Future of the Profession, Advisory Services, and Tax


Opinion | The IRS should not be running on 60-year-old technology


Intuit's (INTU) Q2 Earnings and Revenues Beat Estimates|earnings_article-2058809


China to shift away from Big Four accounting firms   


Intuit Inc. (INTU) Q2 2023 Earnings Call Transcript      


Intuit Reports Strong Second Quarter Results and Reiterates Full Year Guidance


How CPA Firms Are Engaging the Next Tax and Accounting Pros


TurboTax parent company Intuit is pouring more money than ever into lobbying amid push for free government-run tax filing       

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