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AICPA's 8-Point Plan To Fix The Accounting Pipeline Problem

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We dissect the AICPA's plan; Short seller Hindenburg Research reports that Adani Group had 23 and 24 year-old auditors sign off on financials. WSJ asks: "How can we make accounting cool?"; Biden vows to veto GOP plan to abolish the IRS; CPA exam takers down 25% since 2018; IRS too busy to replace old computers, suspends project

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  • (00:00) - Thank you to our sponsor, OnPay
  • (00:19) - Preview:
  • (01:01) - Introduction and some of what we'll cover this episode
  • (03:13) - NPR Marketplace interview with Adrienne Gonzalez and the struggle to find accountants
  • (10:30) - AICPA's town hall
  • (16:43) - Thank you to our sponsor, OnPay
  • (18:01) - Checking in on our live chat
  • (21:12) - Matt asks for ideas on how he should obtain his 150 hours
  • (27:47) - Thank you to our sponsor, Relay
  • (29:55) - Accounting Today article on CPA exam pass rates falling in 2022
  • (35:59) - GAO says IRS gave up on computer systems upgrade
  • (39:49) - Thank you to our sponsor, First Republic Bank
  • (40:35) - Republican bill to abolish the IRS
  • (43:15) - Lets talk about Adani Group's auditors
  • (46:20) - Tether releases latest attestation report
  • (48:51) - Nikole's voicemail and the Accounting High bracket
  • (51:32) - Company holds "funeral" for QuickBooks
  • (53:35) - Blake reads some listeners comments and feeback
  • (58:05) - Wrap up and the CAP is going ti Expensicon!
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  • (59:48) - Client Hub
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Show Notes

How Can We Make Accounting Cool? - WSJ  


If You Let 23-Year-Olds Sign Off on Audits, You're Gonna Have a Bad Time


Why there's a national shortage of accountants


Biden Vows to Veto GOP Plan to Abolish the IRS


Controller - National Women's Soccer League (New York · NY)


What’s New in FreshBooks – 2023     


Self-employed bookkeeping platform Hnry books $35 million Series B


McDonalds Presidents Says California FAST Act Will Kill Restaurants


New York Requires Disclosure in Small Businesses Financing


Almost 70K ‘questionable’ Social Security numbers used for $5.4B in pandemic-related loans: watchdog


The 15 largest banks in the US


Football, lifeguarding, college and accounting


Password Managers – An Insightful Accountant Software Comparison


IRS more likely to audit Black taxpayers


Press Release- February 1, 2023: Superintendent Adrienne A. Harris Adopts Updated Regulation For Disclosure Requirements For Commercial Financing


Crypto’s One-Time Favorite Bank Faces Federal Probe Into FTX Relationship


US Bank launches automated direct deposit switching


Chase to Expand Small Business Banking Workforce by 20%  


How Can We Make Accounting Cool? - WSJ  


Passing or failing? Pass rates for CPA exam fell in 2022


How inclusive is your accounting firm?


AICPA proposes extensive tax changes to Congress


Tether Releases Attestation Report Showing $960M Excess Reserves


The Quickbooks And The Dead


Tax Policy in Biden’s 2023 State of the Union Address


Watch for accidental fraud, forensic accounting expert says  


Accounting Services: The Talent War


Most accounting professionals want more mental health help: study


Finzly Launches API Giving Developers Access to FedNow Service


Growblocks Raises $6M to Help Businesses Forecast Revenues


Gusto lays off 5% of staff      


Students learn all about accounting at High School Leaders Conference at UM-Dearborn


Don’t Let Clients Dictate Tax Workflow


Center Your Firm Around Your Client


How Marketing in Accounting Has Evolved   


Jobber fixes on $100M as its platform for home services pros hits ...


Are SMBs invited to the business intelligence (BI) party?


H&R Block went through 6 CEOs in a decade. Its latest chief exec is a marketing whiz with plans to claw back market share: ‘We were kind of that dusty place on the corner’


IRS tells taxpayers in some states to wait to file taxes


There’s a surprising culprit behind mass layoffs, says a prominent management professor at Wharton


Americanas' $4B Accounting Scandal Puts More Scrutiny on PwC's ...


AICPA publishes audit risk guide


CoinTracker unveils real-time crypto tax advice from live experts


IRS dropped plans to modernize some of its outdated systems


Accounting students provide volunteer income tax filing services to ...


Intuit study reveals Gen Z doesn't want to talk about finances


The past and future of accounting     


Senators demand an accounting of how ServSafe fees are used


Talent acquisition: AICPA chair hears student voices, shares strategies


Inkle Raises $1.5M to Power Tax & Accounting for US Cross-border ...


Does ChatGPT have any of the answers for accounting?


OakNorth set to close Fluidly following 2021 acquisition


Lawyers wanted at the IRS   


Fluidly to close its doors in April


Simu Liu praised for giving advice on accounting, burnout and ...



Eller College scholarship aims to promote diversity in accounting


iwocaPay Becomes the First Invoice Checkout Integration with Buy Now, Pay Later Option for Businesses that Integrate with QuickBooks   


Tax And Accounting SaaS Startup Inkle Raises $1.5 Million      


AICPA Town Hall: AICPA’s 8-point human capital pipeline plan


US Bank launches automated payroll deposit feature for new accounts


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