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Life + Love With My Spouse, My Core Partner, and My Lover. A Frank Discussion About Polyamory

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Does polyamory really make it possible for husbands and wives and committed partners with multiple lovers to have it all? Many say that having an affair makes them feel alive again, but with that exuberance comes deception, duplicity, and deceit. Hiding an affair from your spouse or partner is guilt provoking and burdensome. What if there was a way to maintain the stability of your committed partnership and the passion of your affair. What if you didn't have to choose between a spouse and lover but could have both in an open, honest and loving relationship that includes ...... your children? Is it even possible to have a healthy and open relationship with a spouse (or committed partner) and a lover at the same time? Can you love them both deeply? Can you give both your partner and your lover the attention they deserve, and the intimacy and sexual intensity they need? On this episode I talk with my guests Sarah Levinson, therapist and Dr. Mark Sisti, psychologist talk about polyamory.

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