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Is Marriage As We Know It Outdated?

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We’re bringing back this popular episode that seeks to answer the question, what are today’s rules of romance? What does monogamy even mean anymore: two spouses committed to each other forever, or two partners committed to each other for life? According to my guest today, both of those paradigms are outdated. My guest contends that people today want to write their own rules about what it means to be married or in a committed long term relationship. Questions like: —Is it ok for my spouse to masturbate to online porn? —Can my partner fantasize about other people while having sex with me? —Should you go from couple to throuple? None of these topics is off limits. In fact, you’re encouraged to discuss it all in open monogamy. Who gets to rewrite the tenets of matrimony as we know it? Who is open monogamy working for - anyone? Someone? Everyone? Let’s find out.

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