Cheating: When Love Lies podkast

How Conflict, NOT Conciliation, Can Save Your Relationship From Infidelity

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What would you do if you found out your partner was cheating on you? Would you accept it, deny it, or seek revenge? How would you respond if a sexy someone tried to lure you into an affair? Could you resist or would you even want to? What if seeking out conflIct with your spouse could actually strengthen your relationship and save your marriage from infidelity... My guest Jayson Gaddis, renowned relationship coach, founder of The Relationship School, and author of "Getting To Zero: How To Work Though Conflict In Your High Stakes Relationships" says conflict is the key to a deep and meaningful love partnership. So if you want to hear how conflict is a proven way to nurture your relationship or heal after an affair, put your headphones on and get your dukes up !( Figuratively, of course !)

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