Cheating: When Love Lies podkast

Bill: Why Married Women Had Sex With Me. Joanne: Why I Stayed Faithful To A Cheater

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Is it possible to be a beautiful, accomplished woman in your 30s, and have never once cheated on a partner - not even a secret emotional flirtation? My guest Joanne Nosuchinsky, co-host of the show "Mornin' with Bill and Joanne" is that woman. Joanne has managed to remain faithful in her relationships even at times when a partner has cheated on her. Conversely, her very good friend and co-host Bill Schulz has slept with "many married women" (his words not mine). I plan on asking Bill how many is many, and why he thinks they all slept with him. Bill says the married women he's been with "don't expect very much." (Umm... what does that mean?) Bill, Joanne and I also play a game that tests their knowledge of modern dating terms and tactics. It's a show filled with LMAO moments, and some pretty surprising revelations from both Bill and Joanne.

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