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Turning Tragedy into Triumph

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When you work in neonatology, you are surrounded by babies. You’re regularly meeting new parents in the Neonatal Intensive Care Unit, some who are living the best days of their lives, and others who are experiencing the very worst. But as a doctor, you never expect to become the patient. We go beyond the white coat in this episode with a story of tragedy and personal discovery from Laurie Sherlock, MD, that changed how she interacts with her patients and practices medicine. “I’ve been gifted through the accident and my son’s death. I’ve been gifted so much compassion for what our families are going through. I think my bandwidth is so much higher because it’s so easy for me to put myself in their shoes,” says Dr. Sherlock.

Dr. Sherlock specializes in neonatal and perinatal pediatric medicine at Children’s Hospital Colorado and is an assistant professor of pediatrics and neonatology at the University of Colorado School of Medicine. Mostly importantly, she is a survivor who is using her own narrative to help others.

Some highlights from this episode include:   

  • Dr. Sherlock’s personal story and the impact it’s had on her career 
  • Using personal experience to be a better doctor 
  • Tapping into compassion at the bedside 
  • Advice for patients and families experiencing tragedy 

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