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Public Sector Forged, Private Sector Tested with Renovaro BioSciences' Mark Dybul, M.D.

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During his leadership of the President's Emergency Plan for AIDS Relief during the George W. Bush administraion, Dr. Mark Dybul, M.D. shepherded programs credited with saving more than  25 million lives. For many years after that public service drew to a close, he continued the mission as executive director of The Global Fund to Fight AIDS, Tuberculosis and Malaria--working in lockstep with not only the world's leading scientists, but the likes of Bono and Sir Elton John along the way. 
But, it wasn't all glamor and heroics. Dybul had to influence some decidedly conservative global political machines of the importance of addressing the AIDS epidemic, particularly, at the time, in Africa. He had to fight through federal and global beuracracies for every dime of funding earned. His leadership required resolve in the face of complexity and adversity. 
Nothing could have better prepared him for biotech leadership, which has dealt Dr. Dybul an unfair share of unique adversity that's, quite frankly, the stuff of a Dateline NBC episode. On this epsiode of the Business of Biotech podcast, Dybul, CEO at Renovaro Biosciences, gets introspective on leadership forged in the fires of public service and battle-tested in the private sector.

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